8 Best Cheap Drawing Tablets With A Screen

If you are looking for a cheap drawing tablet, you understand that a screen is a great consideration to check. In this article, we will review the Best Cheap Drawing Tablets With A Screen.

There are 2 types of drawing tablets with a screen. For the first group, you do not need a computer to use. They are also called Standalone drawing tablets.

The other group has a screen but needs a computer connection for software installation.

Best Cheap Drawing Tablets With A Screen

  1. XP-PEN Artist22E Pro Best Overall
  2. Simbans Picasso Tab Best Budget Standalone Drawing Tablet
  3. Gaomon PD1161 Best with Shortcut Keys
  4. XP-pen Artist Pro 16TP Best App Compatibility
  5. Huion Kamvas 12 Best Cheap Huion Drawing Tablet with a screen
  6. Artisul D22S Best Large screen Tablet
  7. Wacom One Creative Best Beginner Drawing Tablet with a Screen
  8. XP- Pen 13.3 Pro Cheap drawing tablet with pen and screen

Best Cheap Drawing Tablets With A Screen

XP-PEN Artist22E Pro

Best Overall

The Artist 22E is a 21.5-inch tablet from a reputable Xp company, and it takes today’s price for the Best Overall cheap Drawing Tablet with a Screen. You can tell by the size that the working area is large for users who prefer working space over portability.

Using a drawing tablet makes expressing your Ideas as an artist or designer easy and seamless thanks to their quality features.

Stylus Pen

The new P02S stylus pen does not disappoint. It offers a comfortable and natural drawing feels with accuracy and fluidity. This is made possible by a quality pen that has up to 8196 pressure sensitivity levels.

Sticking to the experience, a response time of 14ms is impressive as you get almost immediate feedback making you feel like you are working on your designs on a canvas.

Sadly, the pen is not battery-free but after a full charge, you can enjoy your stylus for almost two of not charging.

Screen Display

First, the display is great. It has a large 1920 by 1080 screen resolution that greatly magnifies your display to be crisp and clean. Additionally, with 4K support and 5080 LPI levels, your colors are vivid and calibrated.

Add this to 77%-82% accurate RGB color Gamut with 178 degrees viewing angle and you get a very rich color display.

Moreover, an anti-reflective cover goes to lengths to reduce glare, therefore, enabling use even in the brightest of environments.

Equipped with 8 replacement nibs, there are plenty of substitute nibs in case of worn out, and with a safe case on a multi-functional pen holder, the nibs are safe from misplacement and ready for use immediately avoiding waste of time.

The Multifunctional pen holder as the name states has more to it, like 2 non-slip rubbers on both ends for erasing, a pen stand, and an enclosure for pen storage.


16 customizable shortcut keys offer convenience and efficiency since you can program them to your own settings and habitual way of design. This, in turn, boost your work rate, improving your productivity.

Compatibility and Connection

First, the tablet is connected to a computer through a USB cable.

It is also Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, one is enabled to work with their preferred operating systems.

VGA and HDMI cables are responsible for external display connections for a better visual. All these cables are shipped in the Artist22E’s package

Ergonomic stand

An ergonomic stand creates a propelled positioning for quality and comfortable working positions.

The stand further eliminates shaking and sliding for a better comfortable working experience. you can enhance this by purchasing a 75mm by 75mm VESA mount for more comfortable conditions.


  • comfortable and effective stylus
  • High levels of pen pressure sensitivity levels.
  • Quality display with anti-glare technology
  • multifunctional pen holder
  • Additional nibs
  • Ergonomic stand.


  • Its large build may be a problem when it comes to portability.
  • Major issues with wobbly lines and pixelation.


Simbans Picasso Tab

Best Budget Standalone Drawing Tablet

The simbans PicassoTab is an android based tablet with a 10.1-inch size, that’s ample space for a designer and a small size that’s great for mobility and portability.

Stylus Pen

A pen pressure sensitivity of 1024 might sound a little bit off-range but be rest assured; it has the accuracy to it.

Working with the tablet is also made easier by the palm rejection tech which is phenomenal when it comes to drawing by avoiding a response of your palm and with a glove included in the package it only becomes better and more comfortable.

The rechargeable pen powered by AAA batteries is worth 1000hrs of life and has a  pen-like experience that is impressively comfortable. 

Processors and Operating System

Powered by the Mediatek Quadcore processor, the CPU performance is efficient and powerful although the tablet exhibits low RAM levels of 2GB.

The internal storage of 32GB is relatively high for the storage of your files as well as applications

.Being Android-based, you can download applications from the google store, and watch movies among other things quite easily and fast.

Screen Display

Screen resolution levels of 1280*800 are low compared to most tablets, but being the best budget does come at a price. The IPS technology then brings about a rich color production for quality visuals. Moreover, reflection is reduced by a pre-applied glossy reflective type, for use even in bright environments.

Battery Life

Simbans Piccasso is mostly made for beginner designers, and if you are one with a love for the outdoors or away from your desk, the 6000Mah battery will serve you offering 5 to 8hrs of life.

Pre-installed Apps

On top of that, the tablet is shipped with pre-installed apps like Autodesk Sketchbook and  Artflow; Paint Draw Sketchbook which is a great addition, and one can also install compatible applications and software.


  • A nice small size.
  • Powerful processors.
  • User-friendly android operating system.
  • Long battery life.
  • Comfortable rechargeable Stylus.
  • Affordable price


  • You may experience line jitters while drawing.
  • Low levels of pen pressure sensitivity.
  • Low levels of screen resolution.

Gaomon PD1161

Best with Shortcut Keys


The PD1161 tablet offers 11.6 inches of working space, small enough to move around with, and quite an ample space for designers to work with.

Equipped with a battery-free A50 stylus and with an 8192- pen pressure sensitivity level, the feel is quite comfortable, and impressive and the precision is almost accurate.

Quality 1920 by 1080 pixels of screen resolution and 5080 LPI brings about a nice display with an abundance of color. Subsequently, a response rate of 266 levels and 10mm sensing height bring about zero lags and make the experience faster and more lively.

Gaomon PD1161 offers 8 programmable keys making accessibility and navigation on the tablet fast and user-friendly by customizing to your designing habits.

Connection is enabled by a mini-HDMI port and USB-C port offering a fast link to either Windows or macOS operating systems. Furthermore, 8 additional pen nibs create a wide range of creativity for a digital artist.


  • High-pressure sensitivity levels for perfection drawing.
  • Battery-free style with a great feel to it for long working hours.
  • High screen resolution
  • high response rate speed ensures smooth line input at fast speeds.
  • 8 customizable keys make it easier to navigate through the tablet and quicken productivity.
  • 8 additional pen nibs create a wide range of creativity for a digital artist.


  • Screen protection is quite poor as it tends to get scratches.

XP-pen Artist Pro 16

Best App Compatibility

If you’re a person who loves stylish and sleek gadgets with impressive features, the XP-pen Artist Pro 16TP is the tablet for you. The screen display is nice and is enhanced by the 4K resolution making colors clear with HD plus imaging enhanced further by 3840 by 2160 worth of screen resolution. What’s more, the XP-pen Artist Pro 16TP merges the anti-glare and the non-grainy technology reducing eye fatigue for longer working hours while creating a cordial pen feel when drawing.

The PH2 battery-free stylus is comfortable to the hand and brings a natural feeling when drawing which is made even better by high pen pressure sensitivity levels of 8192. Enhancing the pencil-like experience, the pen’s eraser is located at the nib’s opposite end giving it a natural feel and eliminating the need for a switch.

Multi-touch and the pen function enable you to zoom in and out and rotate canvas using your fingers in Windows creating a cool interaction between the user and the tablet. Connecting with other devices is made possible by 2 USB-C ports which offer a USB-C to USB-C connection creating room and a less wired desk. The tablet also has a security slot that ensures your display is well protected.


  • 4K resolution gives out a nice display.
  • High pen pressure sensitivity levels for close to accurate drawing experience.
  • Comfy Battery-free stylus with a natural feel to it
  • Multi-touch and pen functions enable zoom in and out and canvas rotation using your fingers in Windows.


  • Suffers from uncoordinated censoring on the edges.

Huion Kamvas 12

Best Cheap Huion Drawing Tablet with a screen

Another Huion product in our segment for the best cheap drawing tablet with a screen is the Huion Kamvas 12. The display on the Kamvas 12 is quite impressive with 1920*1080 pixels of screen resolution making your view clear by bringing out your images and colors in the highest possible quality.

Apart from the view, the experience is made better by 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and with the PW517 stylus pen with pentech3.0 tech the feeling is made as natural as it could be. Additionally, response time is fast with a level of 25ms providing you with immediate pen response and zero lags.

A combination of laminated technology to eliminate parallax and the anti-glare screen that reduces light bounce back enables a clear and transparent view even in the brightest of conditions.

A 3-in-1 cable and a USB-C to USB-C connection make the link between the tablet and Windows and Mac OS computers easy and fast while reducing untidy wires on your desk. The USB-C to USB-C connection also can link up with android devices as well as cameras and other devices.

Huion Kamvas 12 also has 8 programmable keys that help you customize the keys to ease your normal activities within the tablet. Additionally, the Kamvas12 has an 11.8 screen and is a lightweight tablet that helps you to move around easily.

Your creativity is further enhanced by the availability of 10 additional nibs making design easier and more efficient. You can purchase the Huion ST300 stand separately for an angled display of your liking for more comfortable positioning.


  • Great screen display resolutions.
  • High-pressure sensitivity levels for precise drawing.
  • High level of response time
  • A comfortable stylus pen makes the experience better.


  • The size is a little small for some users.

Artisul D22S Best Large Screen Drawing Tablet

The Artisul D22S tablet is an impressive 21.5-inch tablet with a screen and additionally brings a stunning 8192 worth of pressure sensitivity levels to the tablet enhancing precision and line accuracy. Furthermore, the experience is made more canvas-like and natural by a fast response rate of 233rps.

Everyone likes a nice view whether when designing, drawing, or even simply watching a movie. Artisul D22S is high in definition with a screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels which offers top-notch quality for colors and images.

Additionally, it comes with an adjustable stand so the display is well-tabled and colorful at the same time.

When it comes to the pen, the battery-free stylus with +60 degrees of tilt function offers you control of your artwork and lines are well outlined.

Being comfortable is required for an effective workspace and the D22S stand offers 20-80 degrees of adjustable angle which enhances longer working hours at comfortable positions.

The 21.5inch IPS screen further offers ample space for your digital work though the size may pose a problem when it comes to mobility or portability.


  • High screen resolution levels give you that high-definition display.
  • High sensitivity levels for accuracy and precision in the artwork.
  • Large working area for a digital artist
  • Lightweight


  • Might be quite large for portability

Wacom One Creative Best Cheap Drawing Tablet with a Screen For Beginners

As stated before, the pen in the Wacom family is genetically iconic and the Wacom One Creative does not fall far from the tree. This attribute wins it the best Digital Art Tablet with Screen in this category.

The 13.3-inch tablet offers a near A4 size screen display providing large space for your designs and artwork at no expense when it comes to mobility.

Wacom One’s battery-free stylus is very comfortable even in long hours of use and is compatible with other Wacom pens offering availability if you need one also as different pens come with different nib sizes, you can enhance your creativity.

An extra 5 nibs help you replace worn-out nibs thus offering long-term use.

Screen resolution is quite impressive with 1920*1080 pixels for a high-definition display and color presentation. Pen pressure sensitivity of 4096 is quite low though precision and accuracy are quite good on the tablet.

When it comes to compatibility, the latest addition of Chromebook enables learning and teaching while Windows and Mac OS operating systems are a matter of which one serves you best. The positioning of the tablet is 19 degrees elevated by internally connected leg-stands, a tried and tested angle for maximum comfortable positions. 

A Wacom One power adapter connected using the Wacom one X-shape cable is used to power the tablet. Additionally, an express key remote with over 17 customizable keys offers an easy way to navigate with the user’s settings and design habits.


  • High screen resolution for a nice screen display
  • A battery-free stylus with a tilt function offers users more control and accuracy.
  • Ample space for a designer and a good portable size for mobility
  • The 17 programmable key express key remote key comes in handy for navigation and fastens the productivity rate


  • Lack shortcut keys
  • Low levels of pen pressure sensitivity are a disadvantage for this awesome tablet.

XP- Pen 13.3 Pro Cheap drawing tablet with a screen and Pen

The 13.3-inch tablet is a nice catch and with an HD display due to the 1920*1080 pixels of screen resolution levels, you get a great color and image view. Equipped with an anti-glare glass further keeps you protected from light bouncing back and enhances transparency for an optimum display even in bright surroundings.

Moreover, the stylus is battery-free and offers +60 degrees of tilt function and with 8192 worth of pen pressure sensitivity; it’s quite an experience to work your designs on since you have control over the precise presentation.

The red dial interface creates 8 programmable switch keys for fast navigation and a smooth workflow provided by the customized buttons. A fully laminated and replaceable anti-glare tech on screen offers zero parallaxes, transparency, and a vivid display of colors and images.

A 3-in-1 cable reduces wire clog on your desk offering a great working environment and enabling connection to Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and Mac OS operating systems and a load of programs for your digital work.

The package also includes a cleaning cloth, 8 replacement pen nibs, a USB extension cord, a power adapter, a pen holder, a black drawing glove, a quick guide, and a portable stand for great screen positioning and adjustment.


  • High screen resolution levels for a great display.
  • High pen pressure sensitivity levels plus stylus with +60 degrees of tilt function.
  • Anti-glare screen technology for user protection and clear transparent screen view
  • Battery-free stylus with tilt function for maximum control


  • Major lags arise causing slow productivity.

How to choose a Cheap Drawing Tablet with A Screen

Display and Budget

Size preference depends on the user’s operations for as one prefers a small-sized tablet for easy mobility another may need a larger size for a bigger working area. The price is a major factor for one would like a low-budget tablet with the greatest features in its budget. Every designer wants a nice display of colors and images in his design and screen resolution offers just that.

Stylus and Pressure sensitivity

Pressure sensitivity levels play a great role in designing for the higher they are the better precision of lines and the experience. In a drawing tablet, the pen may be considered the main tool as its features are one the intermediate between a design idea and its result.

Additional features

Additional features may prove important if one is torn between two quality products. These features include anti-glare technology, tilt function, customizable keys, additional pen nibs, adjustable stand, and type of connection to avoid wire clog.


All the above tablets are great but in their attributes. When considering their prices, they serve their purpose way above their budget level and most can be used by professional designers. Keep in mind that if this tablet’s features don’t charm you, you can add a few to the budget and certainly get a better deal.


Cheap Drawing Tablets with A Screen

  1. XP-PEN Artist22E Pro Best Overall
  2. Simbans Picasso Tab Best Budget Standalone Drawing Tablet
  3. Gaomon PD1161 Best with Shortcut Keys
  4. XP-pen Artist Pro 16TP Best App Compatibility
  5. Huion Kamvas 12 Best Cheap Huion Drawing Tablet with a screen
  6. Artisul D22S Best Large screen Tablet
  7. Wacom One Creative Best Beginner Drawing Tablet with a Screen
  8. XP- Pen 13.3 Pro Cheap drawing tablet with pen and screen

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