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Creatives block is a team of artists and graphic designers. We pride ourselves in sharing information and viewpoints in our field of expertise in creative arts. We are not limited to drawing and visual art but also Audio and audio-visual presentations.

We attempt to provide a one-stop resource for different creatives no matter their skill levels.

Whether you are a digital artist, sound engineer, gamer, or just an enthusiast of different creative fields, welcome to our site. We discuss topics relating to graphic design, audio production, video editing, and digital art.

When it comes to the reviews, we will research and offer you an honest opinion of the devices and help you understand them better. Additionally, we will interview industry professionals to get more insights on the best gear for you.

Informative articles will further help you understand and differentiate terms, as well as give you ‘How to’ guides for your normal device operations. Visit our blog page for more.

We are deeply honored by the readers who have read our articles and found them helpful. If there is anything that you feel should be improved kindly click on our contact page and feel free to share with us.