Best Acoustic Guitar Under 500$

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In this article, we will review the Best Acoustic Guitar under 500$. Musicians have in the past had a hard time expressing their talents due to a lack of funds to purchase overly priced equipment. This budget limitation has made most artists drop their passion for art and opted to venture into other things.

As time has passed, music equipment has not only been available but the price has also become quite affordable.

Acoustic guitars are one of the music equipment that most artists prefer to purchase while beginning their music careers.

Acoustic guitars have the tendency of producing a fun, quality, and profound sound for an emotional experience.

Whether you are a professional musician, an amateur, a beginner, or just a music lover who would love an acoustic guitar just for personal use, these guitars will serve you accordingly. These types of guitars cover a lot of music genres from indie guitar, folk, blues, and country type of music.

Choosing one may be a challenge for most people since the market is filled with many different types and choices. Ideally, the factors that determine a great sound-producing acoustic guitar differ.

What Is The Best Acoustic Guitar Under 500$

Epiphone EJ200

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The Epiphone EJ200 is a hard maple acoustic guitar that produces quality Jumbo tonal weight. Exhibiting the South American Pau Ferro fingerboard helps the production of a smooth rich feel and sonic characteristic similar to the rosewood.

A quality scale of 25-1/2 inches boosts the sound for a rich bell-like tone with a defined low-end.

Due to the CITES law regulating the use of the Rosewood to avoid extinction, the Pau Ferro has come closest to the iconic tonewood.

Additionally, the Epiphone EJ200 features a high gear Grover Rotomatic ratio of 18:1 ensuring stability and finer tuning.

When it comes to the body, the guitar has an iconic bridge with a tortoiseshell-style pickguard. Moreover, with the addition of Pearloid crown inlays, you get an impressive look on your guitar. Finishing that with quality playability, the Epiphone EJ200 tops the chart in this segment.


  • Big Jumbo tones
  • Quality fingerboard tonewood
  • High gear scale ratio

Yamaha FSX830C

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When it comes to low-to mid-ranges, the YamahaFSX830C is louder and stronger, courtesy of cutting-edge technologies. It further contains a small thin body suitable for even small-bodied players.

The Yamaha FSX830C body is made from the favorite rosewood producing a warm rich sound, perfect mostly for the Folk type of music.

Choosing the Sitka Spruce top serves both purposes of a lovely look and tone. This production of harmonious tones is further brought about by system-66 pickup and preamp electronic.

The onboard preamp electronic contains a 3-band EQ with sweepable mids that eliminate unwanted feedback. The scalloped braced pattern enhances durability for the long-term use of your guitar with a brand new feel to it. This also ensures a long-lasting quality sound on the Yamaha FG.

Powered by available AA batteries, you get a stable power supply with better quality.


  • The lovely Sitka Spruce top looks great and produces a great tone
  • Having a single cutaway enhances the guitar to a higher fret
  • Onboard preamp eliminates unwanted feedback
  • System-66 electronic offers a great tone


Jameson Blue Thinline

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Containing a quality combination of acoustic and electric features, the Jameson Blue Thinline’s under $200 tag is a steal. The material may be shouting a cheap reason but rest assured, beginners and Amateur players will have a quality experience with this guitar.

The body is made of Nato sides and back with a spruce top along a rosewood fingerboard with 20 Frets. Having a maple neck further secures a solid sound.

Enjoy high trebles, mid-range boost, and solid bass frequencies courtesy of a hardware input embedded. The mid-range and quality music boost are made possible by the built-in EQ and an onboard stock pickup that enables you to set it to your liking.

The Jameson Blue Thinline uses six die-cast tuners distributed in a collection of three around the headstock.

With an under 100 price tag, the guitar serves the purpose of both budget and quality.


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When it comes to Dreadnoughts, the CD-60SCE is the most familiar Fender product out there.

For intermediate guitar players, the CD-60 SCE serves you amazing sonic tones with easy-to-play features.

You can enjoy great sonic levels brought about by a lovely rosewood fretboard and bridge. Moreover, the guitar contains other features like chrome die-cast tuning and 3mm Pearloid dot inlays dressing the 20-fret, 12 inches radius fretboard.

Having the lovely Fender neck shape ensures easy playability, whether you’re learning or just playing it on your couch.

The Upper fret is achieved courtesy of the single cut-away body while a solid spruce top for increased volume and lovely sound. The tone is made better by the mahogany back and sides. Enjoy warm Sound projections with balanced intonations for a crisp lovely tones.


  • Premium feel at a low price.
  • Full-sized Dreadnought


  • A little difficult to setup

PRS SE P20 Parlor

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The small-bodied PRS SE P20 Parlor boasts numerous sound features that take your sonic experience to the next level. These features enhance your mid-range tone with a portability advantage and a unique sweet tone.

What differentiates the PRS SE P20 Parlour from the rest is its Mahogany build that not only ensures an organic warmth but also provides a nice physical look. The look comes in three satin finishes with a herringbone rosette and accents.

An ebony fretboard and bridge comes in handy when it comes to the sharp top end and bright well defined low end. When it comes to the body depth at the neck block, 3 15/32 inches provide you with a comfortable feel with at most resonance. Additionally, 3 7/8 inches of body depth at the tail block provides you with a stable base for a more comfortable experience.

Keeping up with the experience, the electronic system offers under-saddle pickup together with a sound hole-mounted preamp.


  • Budget-friendly
  • The small size means easy portability


  • The neck is quite long for playability

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Acoustic Guitar

Body Size

Nothing makes a musician more natural than when comfortable. The body size of an acoustic guitar may be too large or too small and the artist may have to strain to leave a stressful performance.

Size brings about classification as 13-inch acoustic guitars are referred to as Concert guitars. The auditorium is slightly bigger with the Jumbo coming next in line, famous for its country music vibe. The Dreadnought is the largest with a size of around 20 inches. It serves best the Bluegrass genre and similar types.

The extremely smaller sizes go by the name Travel or Mini acoustic guitars.

Apart from comfortable settings, the bigger the size the louder the volume projection.

Tonewood Voice

As we all know a guitar is built from wood for the sole reason of its lack of ability to resonate with vibrations. The wood used for the body of a guitar is known as tonewood. Tonewood determines a lot in a guitar, starting from feel and quality.

These different types most importantly create different tones. The different tonewoods include;

  • Sapele – lightweight with a high range tolerance
  • Maple- powerful in treble and is great with other instruments.
  • Mahogany- strong sound with a slight boost on the highs
  • Cedar- quite a sweet soft sound

Beginners are not that affected by the tonewood but with time, once they have discovered their style, it does play a big role.

Types Of Strings

Sound and feel are also affected by the types of strings on the guitar. The main difference between the Steel and Nylon strings is that the former is more professional.

Steel-string makes long playing time painful but the sound is crisp and the volumes are high. Nylon strings on the other hand are warmer and feel much softer to your fingers.


Price is a factor that cuts across all purchasable items including when purchasing a quality guitar. Ideally, in all products, the higher the price the better the quality. However, some factors can lead to a product being quite cheap compared to the features it inhibits

In this article, we shall focus on a constant budget factor of under $500, with a highlight of the features to help you choose one that serves you best.


Getting a quality guitar might be quite stressful, especially with a squeeze on budget. The above breakdown will guide you to choose a quality instrument at a great price. With a number of feature considerations, you will be able to achieve your musical sound with a premium-looking acoustic guitar.

Whether you are a beginner, an amateur, or a professional, you will definitely find one that will suit your requirement.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 500$ List

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