Best Audio-Technica Over-Ear Headphones Review In 2022

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Which are the Best Audio-Technica over-ear headphones? Audio-Technica is a brand like no other when it comes to the production of high-end quality headphones. One advantage of using Audio-Technica over-ear headphones over other brands is the well-balanced sound they produce.

Additionally, they have a diverse headphone lineup that creates a wide choice for their users.

This is the sole reason we have decided to provide you with an Audio-Technica over-ear headphones Review to guide you to the one that suits you best.

If you are an enthusiast, you might have come across the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x which is the most-rated over-ear-headphone on Amazon in the $100-200 range.

The biggest question is how to choose the best on this quality list of over-ear headphones.

Best Audio-Technica Over-Ear Headphones

Which Are The Best Audio-Technica Over-Ear Headphones?

Audio-Technica ATH-M70X Editors’ Choice

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The ATH-MR70X are top on our list since they have quite an impressively clear and undistorted sound quality combined with the right mix of comfort.

The headphones offer a neutral sound signature making them a favorite for production and studio mixing.

Additionally, with a combination of finely tuned 45mm drivers, the open back design, and a wide frequency response of 5-40000 Hz, performance is outstanding.

Distortion on the other hand is taken care of courtesy of 1000 Mw maximum power input and 99dB sensitivity.

One setback though is the headphone’s high impedance nature that limits performance on a smartphone or other devices. The scaling of quality fully depends on the amp you team them up with.


  • Wide frequency response rate
  • Open-back design
  • Quality performance
  • Balanced sound production


  • High impedance limits quality on some devices

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Best Runner-Up

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The runner-up for best Audio-Technica headphones is the ATH-M50x. However, they are the best under the category of best Audio-Technica headphones for audio editing.

They are wired and have a neutral sound profile that makes them versatile over different audio content. The bass on the other hand is quite emphasized, unveiling a warmth on the sound with a clear feel of the instruments and vocals.

This is provided by a wide frequency response rate of 15Hz-28000 Hz while distortion is taken care of by 1600Mw max power input and 99dB sensitivity.

However, due to a closed-back design, the headphones lack that passive soundstage found in open-back designed ones.


  • Versatile on audio content
  • Neutral sound profile with a warm kick input
  • Wide frequency rate


  • Lacks noise cancellation ability

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Best Budget

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A simple design is an approach to the ATH-M20x. However, don’t judge them yet for they are quite a catch at the budget-friendly price they come under.

They have a versatile sound profile and apart from being well-balanced in sound, they have a quality mid-range response.

This is provided by a 5-10000Hz frequency response rate that makes the instruments and vocals come out clear and well-defined.

The neutral range can be best exploited to edit podcasts and track songs among other minor production tasks.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Well balanced sound
  • Lacks noise cancellation ability


When it comes to headphones, you need to be clear on what you need them to do. If they are for working in the studio, you can just get regular headphones like the ones for gaming and leisure.

Another factor you have to consider is budget, everyone feels me on this one. However, some feel it less. If you are on a tight budget the Audio-Technica ATH-M20x is quite friendly compared to the Audio-Technica ATH-M70x.

Although the Audio-Technica ATH-M70x is worth every penny.  Experience top-of-the-class sound production in great settings and comfort with the Audio-Technica over-ear headphones.

How To Choose The Best Audio-Technica Over-Ear Headphones


Headphones have quite a diverse audience. When some buy them for studio recording, others want to use them during training, and others just to chill or travel listening to their favorite tracks.

The wide line-up of Audio-Technica headphones ensures everyone is taken care of and is quite keen not to pick the wrong ones.

Noise cancellation headphones enable you to listen to music with your surrounding noise on mute. It would be quite a disappointment to miss such a feature especially if you had a hint the brand includes it in some products.

Wired Or Wireless

Wireless headphones are quite a good option to avoid the constant entanglement of the cord.

One issue most ruled them out for was the poor quality sound production but over the years we have seen improvement.

Both have their perks though, with the Audio-Technica wired headphones fitting perfectly if you need headphones to use in your home space.

However, if you’re on the move, wireless is the best option for you will not experience any problems with the cord.

Be keen though on the Audio codecs, with our preferred headphones supporting the Aptx(ATH-SR5BT) for better sound quality.

Sound Production Quality

Several factors make sure your headphones produce quality sound. They include frequency response and sensitivity.

Since the human ear is only able to perceive between 20Hz-20KHz, most headphone brands stick around this range.

 Audio-Technica, however, goes wider on the frequency, ranging from 5Hz-50KHz to counter bass, treble-offs, and distortion. In short a more clear and more crisp sound production results.

When it comes to sensitivity, you look at how fast the headphones can convert electronic signals from your device into a clean pure sound. Other factors that affect sound production are sound signature and soundstage.

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Best Audio-Technica Over-Ear Headphones

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