Best Camera for Music Videos Production in 2023

In this article, we will review the Best Camera for Music Videos Production you can buy. There are a lot of factors you need to consider to land on the best one for you. At the end of this article, we have discussed the main ones you need to consider. Music videos are a great tool for magnifying a message.

Whether you are a rock artist and require a gothic theme or a happy band song that needs some bright lighting, a quality camera must come into play. There is an abundance of quality cameras in the market, but it all falls under which one is best for your needs.

What is the Best Camera for Music Videos

  1. Sony Alpha A6500 Mirrorless Camera Best Camera for Music Videos
  2. Canon EOS 60D cheapest Camera for Music Videos
  3. Panasonic Lumix ZS200 4K Digital Camera
  4. Nikon Keymission 360
  5. GoPro Hero5 Black most versatile Camera for Music Videos

Sony Alpha A6500 mirrorless Camera

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  • 11fps
  • 5-axis stabilization
  • 242MP APS-C sensors Exmore
  • 425 Phase-detection

The Alpha A6500 is a mirrorless camera with plenty of features that land it as our Best Camera for Music videos.

Equipped with the 242MP APS-C Exmore sensor, you get quality footage even in low light conditions. The sensors additionally enable image editing with no loss of details.

The camera is quite effective as it offers 11fps single shots and with 5-axis stabilization, the footage is quite stable with eliminated shakes.

A 452-phase detection makes it easy to detect the subject with high-density tracking AF.


  • High rate  frames per second
  • Eliminated shakes courtesy of a 5-axis stabilization system
  • Easy and high-density subject detection.
  • A quality Exmore sensor provides a quality footage


    Canon EOS 60D

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    5.3 fps
    18mp APS-C CMOS sensor
    Manually controlled 1080 HD video recording
    9-point AF system
    3.0-inch clear-view LCD
    1040000 dot

    When it comes to low lighting capabilities, a couple of features are responsible for the production in these conditions. The Canon EOS 60D’s high ISO range is one of them offering up to 6400 and expendable to 12800 where you prefer not to use a flash.

    Packed with an 18 MP APS-C sensor, lowlight shooting is made better. You are also able to crop your images without losing notable detail when printed. Additionally, the sensor enables you if you’d like to create large formats.

    Having the ability to produce a 1080 pixels HD video, you get high-quality footage and images. Moreover, with a 3.0 inch, 3:2 Clear View LCD screen with high quality1040000 dots for enhanced clarity. Alternatively, shooting a 720 pixels movie is easy and can be made at high speeds with 50/60fps.

    A combination of Canon’s DIGIC 4 processor and the CMOS sensor provides a 14 -bit visual quality with a colorful natural look. The Digic 4 processor is also responsible for noise reduction when shooting and an immediate image review after shooting.

    When it comes to inbuilt effects, the Canon EOS 60D provides you with quality effects such as the soft focus and the toy camera effect. These enable you to enhance your creativity after the shoot. Regardless of your photographic experience, the Basic+ mode offers you control when shooting for quality footage.

    The camera is further made easier to access, courtesy of dedicated quick buttons.


    • The APS-C sensor offers quality in low-light conditions.
    • The sensor and processor combine to offer a colorful natural look.
    • Inbuilt camera effects are user-friendly even for amateur video shooters.
    • Quality footage visual provided by 1080 pixels HD


      PANASONIC LUMIX ZS200 4K Digital Camera

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      • 20,1-megapixel MOS sensor
      • 3-INCH LCD display WITH 1240K dots
      • 4K video capture

      Panasonic cameras have over the decades been known for their quality and premium feel. Built with a width of 4.4 inches, the ZS200 is quite portable backed by a quality list of features.

      Rich image quality is made possible by a sweet combination of a large 1-inch 20.1 MOS Sensor and the Venus Engine image processor. The mixture further is responsible for noise reduction and enhanced sensitivity to ISO 25600 in low-light conditions.

      These avail a continuous shooting rate of 10fps for single-shots AF, 6fps with continuous AF, and 30fps 4K photo burst mode at 8MP.

      The LUMIX ZS200 additionally has an inbuilt lens, the Leica DC Vario-Elmar owing a 24-360mm equivalent focal length range. This lens covers a wide range of situations and conditions.

      When it comes to the reduction of shakes, the 5-axis HYBRID O.I.S image stabilization system works effectively. It’s however not present in 4K and high-speed recording.

      Incorporated Live View Finder 0.21” 2330K-Dot EVF offers a comfy eye-level visual. Alternatively, a 3.0” 1240K-Dot LCD touchscreen is used for menu navigation, image review, and live view shooting.

      Additionally, the 4K Photo Auto Marking senses motion and marks the subject’s face.


      • Powerful processors and sensors offer rich-quality footage.
      • Enhanced sensitivity to ISO 25600 in low-light conditions.
      • A fast fps rate
      • 4K Photo Auto Marking senses motion and marks the subject’s face.


        Nikon Keymission 360

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        • F2.0 NIKKOR lenses
        • 21MP CMOS sensors
        • 4K ultra-HD video quality
        • 29MP still capture

        Nikon is another rated quality camera producer and the Keymission 360 doesn’t fall far from the tree. The camera’s build is meant for portability, with a size of 2.5 inches by 2.6 inches.

        Enjoy a 360-degree, 4K ultra-HD video quality with minimum shaky footage due to a recording of horizontal, vertical, and rotational movements.

         As the name states, the camera has two F2.0 NIKKOR lenses and two 2.3” 21MP CMOS sensors, offering 360-degree footage. This includes objects you can see including yourself in high quality.

        It also enables users to create a time-lapse sequence, slow-motion videos as well as 23.9-megapixel stills. Nikon Keymission 360 further provides quality 29MP still capture

        Since the camera is waterproof, you can take photos and shoot videos as deep as 98 feet deep. Moreover, it has an impressive freezing point of 14 degrees Fahrenheit and is shockproof to a drop of up to 6.6 feet.

        When it comes to battery rating, the Nikon tops the CIPA’s list with 230 still shots and a video recording of 1hr 10mins per battery charge.


        • 360-degree footage is quite impressive.
        • A powerful 21 MP CMOS sensor provides quality footage.
        • Waterproof and shockproof features make the camera quite versatile.
        • Small size is great for portability


          GoPro Hero5 Black

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          • Hyper smooth 2.0
          • 4K60 plus with 1080P video quality
          • Waterproof and dustproof

          The GoPro Hero5 Black is an upgrade of the Hero4 silver with a few corrections like having a touchscreen. Offering a 4K60 plus with 1080P video quality, you get clear footage with high-definition quality.

           Additionally, the Hyper smooth 2.0 is responsible for eliminating shakes and enhancing stabilization making it a top pick for professional shooters. You get to choose which mode suits you best as you can choose the Hypersmooth modes On, High and Boost.

          The Hero5 Black is further packed with quite impressive frame rates and super slo-mo capabilities for more effective when it comes to video live streaming and music video making.

          Additional capabilities make the GoPro quite versatile as it is waterproof and dustproof. The waterproof capabilities enable you to take pictures and video footage to up to 10m  in water.


          • Hyper smooth 2.0 is responsible for eliminating shakes and enhancing stabilization
          • The hyper smooth 2.0 further offer different modes for a more quality experience
          • Clear footage with the high-definition quality offered by 1080pixel video quality.
          • Being waterproof and dustproof makes the Hero5 quite versatile.


            How to choose the Best Camera for Music Videos in 2022

            When it comes to Music Video Cameras, a couple of factors need to be considered.

            Internal storage

            There is no shameful experience like a professional videographer running out of space in between the shoot. Imagine being trusted to take photos at a family gathering, only for your camera to run out of space. A professional videographer needs a camera with large internal storage, let’s say 32GB and above for longer recording hours.

            Quality Video Lens

            A camera’s video lens is important as the quality of a video mostly depends on that. Lens’ provide quality definition and clarity making the end product lovely for watching. For professional shooting, one would require a better lens in comparison to a just-for-fun home camera.

            Low light performance

            As stated, in some music videos, for instance, the Rock genre requires a low light input. A camera with these capabilities really brings out these low-light situations naturally. A normal camera is either too dark or too bright therefore not relying on the theme quite as it should.

            Super range optical image stabilization

            Since you need to follow your subject in between the shoot, stabilization is key. The footage needs to come out without shaky movements, which is enabled by a feature called optical stabilization.


            The Autofocus feature detects the user’s focus enabling the camera to know what is being concentrated on. These offer you more clarity to your videos and the focus makes the purposed viewer concentrate on the visual message.

            Built-in camera filters

            Different cameras come with different features and having built-in filters is quite advantageous. First of all, you will not need to go to your computer to create these filters from scratch thus saving time. Secondly, a variety of already prepared filters may serve you just perfectly when it comes to options.


            When it comes to portability, the size, weight, and panel design of the camera really matter. A large and heavy size might cause fatigue both when traveling to a destination or when shooting a music video.


            Choosing a camera mostly relies on an individual’s needs and when it falls to music video production, there are specific features you need to check. Low light capabilities are top of the list.

            Hope the above guideline will help you choose which one serves you best

            What is the Best Camera for Music Videos

            1. Sony Alpha A6500 Mirrorless Camera Best Camera for Music Videos
            2. Canon EOS 60D cheapest Camera for Music Videos
            3. Panasonic Lumix ZS200 4K Digital Camera
            4. Nikon Keymission 360
            5. GoPro Hero5 Black most versatile Camera for Music Videos

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