5 Best Desk For Music Production in 2022

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Choosing the Best Desk For Music Production will go a long way to create a comfortable and efficient working environment. Choosing the best one for your needs is however not an easy task.

For this reason, we have prepared a well-researched list of the best desk you can buy for a music production studio whether at home or professionally. This guide will explain what you need to consider when choosing your ideal desk plus factors that make them unique and comfortable.

Our Pick for Best Music Studio Desk

Studio RTA Producer Station

If you are looking for the best, you must be willing to stretch your budget with the Studio RTA Producer Station. The desk is well-featured to improve your workspace making it easier for you to work in comfortable settings.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a budget-friendly studio desk, we have the Quik-Lok z-250, which is the best budget on our list today.

Another factor apart from the budget you need to consider is the size of the desk since you don’t want to buy a desk only to find out you lack the space to accommodate it.

That said, let’s get to the list and hope you will find one that will serve your needs.

What should I look for in music production desks?

  1. Price 
  2. The size of the Desk you intend to buy
  3. The size of your studio
  4. Desk Body – Materials & Build
  5. Design Ergonomics
  6. Space

Best Music Studio Desks

  1. Studio RTA Producer Station Best Overall
  2. Quik-Lok z-250 Best for Budget
  3. BK Height Media Adjustable Workspace Best for sit-standing sessions
  4. Zaor Miza M Best for keyboard composers
  5. Slate Media Technology Raven mti2 best high-end desk

What Is The Best Desk For Music Production

Studio RTA Producer Station

Best Overall

First on our list is the Studio RTA Producer stand that stands out in the non-pro market. It is quite equipped, featuring impressive rack spacing, slide-out shelving, and higher-positioned monitor sections.

One important thing to note about the studio desk is the lovely large space offered with key consideration to small details. This works best for a dual-screen setup type of studio and the price is quite a steal for what you get.


  • Plenty of space
  • Versatile
  • Perfect for a dual-screen setup


  • Quite an old-school finish

Quik-Lok Z-250 Best for Budget

The Z-250 features a triple-shelf workstation and pull-out shelves, with wood tops. If you are looking for a desk to work on in a squeezed space, the Z-250 is a great option. This is made possible by the main frame measurement of 44 inches by 22 inches.

However, don’t get me wrong, the desk offers quite a large main desk to place your keyboard and controllers. Additionally, you get a pull-out shelf for your computer keyboard.

As for the near-field monitors and screen, the desk has a raised shelf that is perfect and well-positioned.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Studio-accurate features
  • Compact design
  • Sturdy build


  • Takes up too much space

BK Height Media Adjustable Workspace

Height adjustable desks are quite popular at the time for the lovely sit-standing experience.

With the gas-spring-assisted lifting mechanism, adjusting the height is smooth and easier.

When it comes to equipment space, you are offered enough room in the front for your mouse and keyboard while on the rear of the workstation is a single monitor mount.

If you are looking for a sit-stand workstation, the BK Media Height is a perfect fit at an affordable price.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Adjustable height fit


  • Height adjustment may be quite a gamble if you have a lot of gears plugged in

Zaor Miza M

Best for Keyboard Composers

TheZaor Miza M is a perfect option for those of you who prefer a single keyboard, synth, or arranger workstation. This means you don’t require a large space for a computer tower and rack gear.

However, you are provided with a heavy-duty pull-out tray with a dual-rail system and solid support on both sides. This section is stable enough for you to place your master keyboard and heavy controllers.

The design of the Miza M is quite simple and features distinguished cable management that optimizes the experience for a less wired connection.


  • Large space
  • Clean cable management system
  • Perfect for key-based systems
  • Stable build


  • Lacks an elevated monitor mount

Slate Media Technology Raven Mti2

When you lay your eyes on the Slate Media Technology raven mti2, you’re torn between a spaceship workspace and a gaming machine.

The look is not deceiving, as the desk provides you with an optional 27-inch touch screens console. Here, you find your favorite DAW, with every control made through multi-touch gestures.

It also features Raven 3.0 control software with a programmable multi-functional toolbar. Ideally, the Slate Media Technology raven mti2 is a sneak preview of the high-end desk life.


A 27inch touch screens console

Futuristic design

High-end experience

Programmable multi-functional toolbar


Lacks space for manual controllers and monitor


When it comes to purchasing a good desk for music production, you must consider a few factors.

If you are on a budget, the Quik-Lok z-250 is a great option, with studio-perfect features at your disposal.

However, the size of a desk may be your next obstacle. The next-in-line option is the BK Height Media kicking in the gas-spring-assisted lifting mechanism.

Ultimately, our selected best is Studio RTA Producer Station. The desk is well-featured to improve your workspace making it easier for you to work in comfortable settings.

Where do you get a studio desk?

What are the best studio desks for recording, producing, and mixing?

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