5 Best Electric Guitars Under 1000$ In 2022

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Which are the Best electric guitars under 1000$? Choosing an electric Guitar is not easy especially if you are on a budget.

Finding an electric guitar fully depends on personal taste, style, budget, and preference. The market is filled with less-featured quality guitars and a tone of up to standard premium featured guitars.

Considering the ability of some guitars to cruise across different genres and tones, we have chosen a few that have caught our eyes.

What Is The Best Electric Guitar For 1000$?

  1. Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster
  2. PRS SE Custom 24
  3. Epiphone Les Paul Cherry Sunburst
  4. Yamaha Revstar 502T
  5. ESP LTD EC-1000VB

The Best Electric Guitars Review

Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster

When it comes to a vintage style, the Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster offers you an old-school rock theme vibe. Being one of the most prominent series, the Fender Stratocaster keeps its word by featuring quality specs for a top-of-the-chart sonic experience.

To start with, the guitar uses alder for the tonewood, while maple is used for the neck. Additional pickups help this combination deliver a lovely three-dimension sound. The body further has white 8 holes pickguard and with aged pickups, the guitar maintains its vintage style and delivery.

Featuring the two-point bridge that is equipped with a vintage style saddle improves stability and further adds a synched tremolo or whammy bar. Like the proper Strat, it is, the guitar uses three single-coil pickups for the production of wonderful strat tones. They are spread out from the bridge, middle and neck positions and further connected to the five-way pickup selector switch. A combination of a soft V-shaped neck, the maple fretboard on top with 21-vintage-frets, and a 7.25-inch radius ensures the guitar is easy to play.

Be sure to achieve rich, sharp, and deep tones with a vintage flare and style with this bad boy.


  • Vintage style
  • Great tone delivery
  • Premium build


  • Requires a professional to set up

    PRS SE Custom 24

    The Paul Reed Smith Guitars company has really changed the idea of how an electronic guitar looks and the quality of sound produced.

    Having more than twenty years since the introduction of the SE series, the company focuses on producing cheaper guitars with a premium touch. Also known as the student line series, the goal is to empower musicians who can’t afford high-priced guitars.

    A mixture of a 3-way selector and a push/pull tone control delivers 8 different pickup combinations. Exhibiting a 25-inch scale length with classic fret markers and a wide thin neck profile, the PRS SE Custom 24 delivers a cool look further enabled by the PRS-designed tremolo system. Versatility is further obtained from 85/15 pickups paired with volume, push/pull tone control, and the 3-way blade selector.

    One thing the PRS SE Custom 24 specializes in is an eased tonal variation without getting too muddy or overly thin no matter the style, a con found in most splittable-coil systems. Another advantage is that it plays both single-coil and humbucking mode with a warm quality tone.

    Featuring what they call a shallow violin carve to the maple top, the guitar is stunning with a close resemblance to the USA-made Core models.

    The bodies are crafted with a beautiful finish, with an equal presentation when it comes to quality tone production.


    • Versatile
    • Premium build and look
    • Great tone production
    • Easy to play and set up


    • Experiences tuning issues

    Epiphone Les Paul Cherry Sunburst

    Bringing the 50s theme to life is the  Epiphone Les Paul Cherry Sunburst. Crafted with a mahogany body and neck you are served with the expected dark woody tone. The Indian Laurel fretboard has a really nice polish to it and although it can be painted, the natural wood look is lovely.

    Being a medium jumbo allows you to be comfortable playing since you can actually touch the fretboard when fretting the strings. Additionally, this helped deliver an astounding 22 frets. The two-string bridge and neck Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers eliminate the noisy interference picked up by the pickup coil. The bridge further is responsible for the production of a lovely humbucker sound from the guitar.

    3-Way Epiphone Toggle Switch works perfectly in selecting the active pickup. Having a  LockTone Tune-o-Matic allows you to adjust the strings within the limit.

    Having an 18:1 Grover Rotomatic ratio offers fine-tuning and better stability. Finer gears then take the experience to higher heights by providing smoother tuning and eliminating backlash.

    A slightly reduced 304.8 mm / 12.00 inches fretboard radius is advantageous in playability when barre chords are involved.


    • A cool 50S theme look
    • Quality humbucker for eliminating noisy interference
    • The high automatic ratio for finer tuning and stability
    • Easy playability


    • Loosely fitted frets

    Yamaha Revstar 502T

    The vintage motorcycle-inspired guitar is well known and recommended by great players for the delivery of a quality unique tone. This tone is delivered with a punch all thanks to a two P-90 single-coil pickup.

    A push-pull Dry switch then enables you to cut the lows for a more sonic effect. You moreover achieve a clear, punchy tonal shaping with help of the push-pull functionality.

    When it comes to the build, the Revstar series are quite reputable with the 502T following the common goal. This guitar further offers a lovely tone production and though I would class it as a play-on-thigh type of guitar, the weight may be helpful when performing.

    Ideally, the Yamaha Revstar 502T  was made to perform considering its smooth-playing mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, and quality Jumbo frets. The neck comes with 24.75 inches scale length, 22 jumbo frets, and with a 13.77-inch radius encouraging playability.

    A combination of a woody thumb and a crisp definition guarantees you a unique resonance. Additionally, what goes well with the RevStar502TG stylish design is the subsequent delivery of a retro bare-bones sound.


    • Quality adjustable knobs
    • Stylish design
    • Quality tone production


    • Quite heavy for a Yamaha Revstar series guitar

    ESP LTD EC-1000VB

    Another guitar with the idea of a great look, lovely tone, and a budget-friendly premium feel is the ESP LTD EC-1000VB. Years of innovation have really enabled the Japan-based company to improve and enhance its guitar creation.

    Enjoy the vintage black ebony finish with a cool blending of golden incorporation.

    When you talk of the build, the body and neck of the guitar are made from mahogany helping achieve the wood-like boost sound.

    The Fretboard on the other hand is made from ebony with a lovely radius of 350mm. Having a 24.75 inches scale length allows you to arrive at 24 Fret levels.

    In order to attain that tone flexibility, the 1000 VB uses an EMG 60(neck) and an EMG 81(bridge) pickup humbuckers that handle, clean, and produce articulate rhythm. Additionally, the Tonepros locking TOM bridge magnifies deep harmonically rich resonance.

    The guitar further provides a 42mm nut width for those who are comfortable and prefer using a thin nut width.

    Being professional guitars, the LTD Deluxe 1000 series is trusted by a lot of artists worldwide to be able to boost their performance and play the part effectively.


    • Unique vintage look with a premium feel to it.
    • Quality pickup Humbuckers for flexibility.
    • Professional product at a lovely budget price


    • Lacks durability


    For a beginner or professional in search of a quality electric guitar under $1000, the above highlight will provide you with guidance, and hope you will be able to get one that serves your needs.

    Starting from the body and neck material, pickup humbuckers among other factors can affect the effectiveness of a guitar. For instance, a rosewood body probably sounds different from a mahogany-made electric guitar. Such features are what can lead to your quality guitar experience.

    Another factor most people tend to focus on is the production company. This is not entirely the most accurate way to get a good product but it does work on some occasions.

    How To Choose The Best Electric Guitars Under $1,000

    Your Budget

    Budget is always a factor when one is purchasing almost any product. What is evident is in most cases, the larger you spend, the better the product you get. Alternatively, one can be able to research deeply and attain a well-featured electronic guitar at a budget-friendly price.

    Equipment To Go With It

    Tuning your guitar may be quite stressful, especially for nonprofessional users. Equipment like push/pull switches, guitar picks, and pickup guards among others help your guitar deliver quality, distinct tones with ease.


    The shape and design of the guitar are very important since it makes it easy to play. Playability is a factor enhanced by the Ergonomics of the guitar.


    When it comes to playability, various features make sure you are offered a comfortable playing condition. Neck profile may be one underestimated factor, but the neck does affect your feelings of the guitar. Playing the guitar requires a strap when standing and for a comfortable session, you definitely have to get a comfy strap. The factors affecting playability are quite broad and different people have different opinions on each.

    Type Of Pickups

    Pickups are for sure the soul of a guitar. The pickups allow you to customize your guitar easily and without having to pay.  Pickups are categorized into two;

    Single Coil

    One very popular pickup is the single coil pickup. Generally, if you want to play clean tones without lots of gains you should get a guitar with this type of pickup. Although there are ways around it, very nice low output, and everything you put in comes out and does not get lost. For high gain, there are more choices.


    With higher output than a Single coil, you can use the guitar with a lot of distortion but still remain quiet. If you have too much distortion on a single coil, it would be very noisy. The Humbucker is great for Metal, Classic Rock, and Hard Rock, and its handles gain nicely.


    The bridges support the electric guitar strings. They are also responsible for the transmission of vibrations to other structural components of the instruments.

    Electric Guitar Body Styles

    Body shapes help by shaping up your tones accordingly. This goes hand in hand with our next factor, Tonewood.


    Tonewood is the type of wood used in the building of an electric guitar. Different types of tonewoods offer different tone effects, with maple providing the best effective effect.

    Guitar Frets

    The metal straps along a guitar’s fretboard are what are referred to as frets. They offer you the ability to select the preferred notes. Most guitars have 21 or 22 frets but most recently come with 24 frets.

    What Is The Best Electric Guitar For 1000$?

    1. Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster
    2. PRS SE Custom 24
    3. Epiphone Les Paul Cherry Sunburst
    4. Yamaha Revstar 502T
    5. ESP LTD EC-1000VB

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