Best floor standing speakers for music

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Are you looking for the Best Floor Standing Speakers for Music?  In this article, we will not only review the products but explain what you need to consider before you buy and why.

Floor standing makes the best speakers and that is because they have the best stereo output, have a great range of sounds from low to high, and of course, in between.

If you are aiming for a full-frequency stereo sound but don’t want to fill up your space with many speakers, then you are better off with just two floor-standing speakers.

Now without further ado, let’s dive right into the fleshy part of this review. Remember that all the views expressed here are unbiased.

5 Best Floor Standing Speakers For Music List

  1. Sony SSCS3 Floor Standing Speaker Best Overall
  2. Acoustics 3050i Floor-standing Speaker Best Floor-standing Speaker for Small Spaces
  3. ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2 Floorstanding Speaker
  4. Klispch RP-8000F Floor Standing Speakers
  5. Polk Audio T50 Floor Standing Tower Speaker

What are the Best Floor Standing Speakers For Music

Sony SSCS3 Floor Standing Speaker Best overall

Sony is another brand that aims at producing high-resolution sound and they did an incredible job with this SSCS3 three-way floor-standing speaker.

This speaker is by far the best in its price range with super extended tweeters that offer mid-range clarity and extend the frequency response hard to find in its competitors.

This speaker looks unique all thanks to its super twitter and the foam mica woofer cone. Even though the grilles are attached to the speaker using traditional grommets, the speaker still looks superb.

Although this floor standing speaker did offer excellent sound, you might need to add a subwoofer to get a good treble


  • Affordable
  • Quality sound
  • Unique design


  • The tremble is unrefined

Acoustics 3050i Floor-Standing Speaker

Best Floor standing Speaker for Small Spaces

You wish to have a floor-standing speaker but your small one seems to be too small. How about checking out this pair of floor-standing speakers specifically designed for small rooms? Your space should dictate if or not you’ll upgrade your HiFi system all thanks to Acoustic 3050i speakers.

These speakers have two drivers and they also have a pressure equalizer for tackling resonance. The cabinet of the speakers is braced to boost clarity and we wouldn’t forget to mention the attractive glossy cabinet.

When it comes to sound quality, the Acoustic 3050i delivered a decent sound with so much clarity when watching movies and even listening to music.

However, we noticed some flaws with the bass. We tried playing different genres of music but the bass was not up to par. We tried to pair it up with a subwoofer to fill the bass gaps and managed to get the punching bass.


  • A great pick for home theater surround speakers
  • Beautiful design
  • Strong build


  • The speakers don’t perform well with the music

Klispch RP-8000F Floor Standing Speakers

Klispch is another preferred brand by Audioholics all thanks to their ability to produce great quality audio products. In case you[‘re wondering what’s so special about this speaker, we’ve got some butter for you.

Klipsch RP-8000F Floorstanding speakers come with Dolby Atmos speakers which explains why the speaker is a bit pricey but let’s focus on the basics first- performance.

When it comes to listening to music, movies or even live recordings, this speaker delivered an accurate sound just as we expected. The imaging, toning and soundstage were just spot on, we must say our expectations were exceeded.

Unlike the Yamaha NSF51, Klipsch doesn’t come in a pair so you will need to top up some money to get two speakers. However, the single speaker also does an incredible job.


  • Accurate and neutral sound
  • Great controlled dispersion
  • Sleek design
  • High sensitivity


  • Not compatible with banana clips

Polk Audio T50 Floor Standing Tower Speaker

If you’re a music or a movie lover and you’re looking for a floor standing speaker that will offer superb sound then this entry-level Polk Audio speaker is what you’re looking for.

The Polk Speakers come with a sturdy build quality and a stylish design ideal for your entertainment space.

When we go down to the sound, this speaker features three integrated drivers suitable as part of the surround system and as the center of the stereo system.  The overall frequency range of Polk Audio is 38 Hz to 24KHz and 150 watts.

At its peak power, this speaker delivers tight and defined bass but we wouldn’t say that it gives you a heavy bass.


  • Fair price
  • Cute design that fits into any space
  • Delivers a powerful sound
  • Amazing sound balance
  • A good speaker for movies and music


    ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2 Floorstanding Speaker

    Elac Debut 2.0 F6.2 is another powerful speaker that you won’t regret purchasing all thanks to the designer behind it. This floor-standing speaker has a three-way design with two woofers (6.5 inch each) with aramid cones and a mid-woofer with the same cones design.

    Elac also has a cloth dome twitter that completes the design and does an amazing job of response frequency lifting (to 35KHz). The speaker has a wave-guide that gives the speaker control and reduces distraction.

    We actually loved the speakers’ sturdy build, we credit that to the MDF fiberboard cabinet that has internal bracing thus increasing the sturdiness.


    • Strong build
    • Great quality sound


    • Doesn’t have to cushion legs for a hard floor

    How to Choose the Best Floor-Standing Speakers

    Below are some of the features you might want to consider when buying your next-floor standing speakers:

    Number Of Drivers

    Although most people have the impression that the taller the speakers the better the sound, the size of the cabinet don’t actually affect the sound quality.

    Drivers are responsible for covering high, mid, and low frequencies so if you’re aiming at deeper bass, then you need a speaker with a bass port and good drivers.


    Ensure that the cabinet build is of high quality and if possible go for a speaker with internal bracing.

    Cabinet Size

    We said that the size doesn’t matter but there are speakers that are big thus they require a bigger cabinet.


    Lightweight speakers are cute, no doubt about that. However, if your aim is a quality build that is durable then you might want to pick the heavy-weight speakers.


    It’s always a difficult choice when it comes to purchasing floor-standing speakers to add to your HiFi system. However, there are features that you can never want to compromise when buying your speakers.

    The trick is to identify the features, what you want to do with the speaker, and of course your budget before stepping out or going online to make a purchase.

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