5 Best Heat Press Machine all you need in 2022

If you’re familiar with the t-shirt printing world, you must probably come across the Heat Press Machine or heard about it.

A heat press machine is a machine used to imprint custom designs into t-shirts.

If you are looking for the best heat press machine in 2022, you must focus your concern on the following variables; available printing area, type of application and materials, manual versus automatic, and temperature range.

Before you use the heat press machine, you use a cutting machine to cut the design to the exact you need.

Once you have cut to your intended specifics, you bring in the heat press machine to imprint your design. As the name suggests, the machine uses heat and pressure to transfer the design to your product.

A while ago the household iron was used to provide the heat as you apply the pressure but they lacked control over the heat and pressure,

Apart from t-shirts, they can be used to print a wide range of products, including hats, caps, mugs, pillows, etc.

Similar to cutting machines, the heat pressing machine can be quite a hassle when choosing the best in the wide market.

Best Heat Press Machine in 2022

Fancierstudio Digital Heat Press 15×15 Editor’s choice

The Fancierstudio Digital Heat Press provides a heat plate measuring 15×15 inches, which is large enough for custom printing.

How the machine is designed is key to its perfection in imprinting flat surfaced products such as t-shirts, bags e.t.c.

Additionally, with a temperature range of 0 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the machine is effective when it comes to sublimation application.

Regardless of the clamshell-style approach that is not suitable for thick materials, it has an adjustable pressure system to handle the pressure.

It is further made better by a heavy-duty steel frame and a reliable timer and heat controller that make it suitable for small businesses and hobbyists.

 Fancierstudio Digital Heat Press pros

Heavy-duty long-lasting build

Adjustable pressure


Non-stick silicone pad

Easy to assemble

Large heat surface

Fancierstudio Digital Heat Press cons

Small digital display

Its heavy weight may cause easy scratches

Cricut Easy Press 2 Best Budget

Cricut is a rated producer of easy-to-use crafting machines and is well known for its intuitive and versatile cutting machines.

They also produce heat press machines with the Cricut Easy Press 2 being one of their best machines, if not the best.

It offers 3 options when it comes to the size of the heating surface, with the middle size measuring 9 by 9 inches. This is a perfect large size, especially for t-shirt printing.

 If you need a larger-sized option you can get a 10 by 12 inches model, and for the smallest model, you get a size of 6 by 7 inches.

When it comes to temperature range, the Cricut Easy Press 2 adjustable temperatures up to 180 degrees/400 degrees Fahrenheit deliver consistent results.

This is made better by the availability of a timer that automatically counts down to alert you when temperatures hit a maximum.

It holds a weight of 6.3kg, a little heavy for its size but it surely delivers effectively in 60 seconds or less courtesy of the feature.


Less space consumption due to the small size


Easily portable

Digital control and display

The fastest machine on the market

Intuitive for even beginners to use

Heat surface size options


Not fit for bulk production

Small-sized heat surface

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Heat Press

The PowerPress Industrial-Quality Heat Press is a heavy-duty machine, suitable for both home and business use.

If you prefer a hand-free heat press, one you don’t need to lift the whole press, the PowerPress offers an easy-to-use lever.

Additionally, the Teflon-coated heat surface measures a comfortable 15 by 15 inches in measurement, making it perfect for tshirt imprinting.

The LCD control board achieves temperatures of up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit, with a button to provide you with control.

It is further fast and effective since the heat press only needs 5-7 minutes to reach optimal temperatures.

To avoid crooked prints, the Powerpress Heat Press is built with a clamshell design to avoid pressing your fabric against a surface.

Moreover, it is made with a quality material that enables the heat press to last longer even when used often.


Adjustable pressure

Large Teflon-coated heated press surface

Fast heating duration


Easy to set up

Removable washable surface mat

Doesn’t lose too much heat


Heavy and bulky

Hefty choice

Vevor Heat Hat Press Best T-Shirt Heat press

The Vevor Heat Hat Press is quite a convenient t-shirt heat press machine, with the curved surface allowing transfer to non-flat surfaces.

Additionally, you are provided a heated surface of 15×15 inches offering enough room for imprinting on various fabrics.

The swing-away design makes it easier to view the LCD control panel, with the claimless design enhancing your imprinting angles.

The Vevor Heat Hat Press control panels achieve temperatures up to 399 degrees Fahrenheit, for the production of consistent results.

It is additionally great for commercial use courtesy of the heavy-duty steel frame with a platen size of 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

It further achieves a service life of up to 12000 hrs with the ordinary silicone heating pad only achieving 500hrs.


Long-lasting heavy-duty build

Large heat press surface

Effective swing design

Ergonomic foam grip


Slow speed reaching optimal temperatures

Space consuming design

Morphon Heat Press Best for Beginners

The Morphon Heat Press is an easy-to-operate machine, and even beginners can start working on it after unboxing it.

It harbors a swing-away design that consumes a lot of space when compared with the claimless and iron-on designs. However, the design enhances accurate and authentic prints on your fabrics.

A large heat surface of 15 by 15 inches is featured on the heat press, providing you with a large efficient shirt imprinting area.

Additionally, you are offered a load of accessories with the ability to work not only on t-shirts and bags but also on mugs, cups, and plates

The Morphon Heat Press reaches an optimum temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit, for quality and accurate effect.

The material used is strong and of quality for a long-lasting experience with the heat press machine.

Press pros

Long-lasting build


No need to assemble

Extra accessories

Large heat surface


Space-consuming swing-away design


The Fancierstudio Digital Heat Press is the best option whether you need a home heat press or a business machine.

It is not only versatile but also budget-friendly and easy to use. This boosts the quality features it harbors compared to its competitors.

The main competitor in our list for the top spot is the Powerpress Industrial-Quality for its stout and premium build.

However, it is quite bulky and quite expensive for a home preference.

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