The best home theatre power manager

What is the best home theatre, power manager? Connecting your home theatre directly to the power supply can result in damaging the home theatre.

A home theatre power manager is therefore advised and since picking one from the list of managers out there can be tricky, we highlight some of the best home theatre power managers in the market.

A good power manager is not only responsible for the protection of the home theatre but also enhances performance and convenience.

Additionally, the power manager also referred to as a power conditioner, improves the quality of audio, since it filters the noise coming from the AC power.

Since the market is flooded with different brands with different models, it can be a challenge to choose the best because not all of them are as effective as required.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Home Theatre Power Manager


When it comes to budget, it would be unfair not to acknowledge the fact that the more the price, the better the product.

However, there are loopholes to the theory, where you get a Home theatre manager that is budget-friendly, yet harbors quality and effectiveness.

Clamping Voltage and Energy Absorption Rating

Clamping Voltage is the ability of the power manager to reduce a surge or manage the surge to a better level.

Energy Absorption Rating on the other hand is the level of power the power manager can absorb and filter.

An effective power manager’s clamping voltage should be between 120V and 400V or higher with an Energy Absorption Rating of at least 500joules.

Certified Quality

Quality power managers are certified with a UL seal that stipulates that the product meets the 1449 standards of the Underwriter’s Laboratories.

Power managers with the seal are guaranteed quality to manage high levels of power, reduce noise and protect your home theatre from damage.

Availability of Outlets

It is essential to buy a power manager harboring multiple outlets. More outlets mean you first have enough, and when you later add devices, you’ll just fix them to the extra outlets.

Most of them offer outlets ranging from six to twelve.

Size and Durability

Since having multiple outlets is better than having fewer outlets, the size of the power manager is in turn bigger to accommodate the extra outlets.

However, the size may take up too much of your space but a mountable power manager is better regardless of the large size factor.

The power manager should also be built with quality products for longer usage and be light in weight.

Power Adapter

A long power connection enables the power manager to absorb and filter power, with sufficient space for setup.

A quality power adapter is one key factor since the sole purpose is to make sure there is a clean energy input.

 The best home theatre power manager

Furman M-2 8X2 Merit X Series Best Overall

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The Furman M-2 8X2 Merit X Series is one of the best, if not the best power surge conditioners in the market.

It is a low-cost AC power solution effective for any rack mount system. The power manager functions by combining the high voltage varistor (MOV) surge, with the transient suppressors.

The fast-acting suppression circuit responds fast, clamping transient voltages to an appropriate level.

When it comes to noise prevention, RFI/EMI interference filters the noise from the fluorescent light, and radio transmitters among other noise sources from contaminating the AC line.

On the rear of the panel are 8 switched AC outlets that enable you to set up a connection with your device, providing protection and powering up your audio.

Additionally, still on the rear panel is a circuit breaker that trips once the total load from the outlets exceeds 50A(1200W). When you need to rest it, you have a button and it is back in business.

The Furman M-2 8X2 Merit X has an operating power of 90 to 140 WAC, which experiences less energy loss during resistance.


  • Versatile fit to any system
  • Cost-effective
  • Effective AC noise filtration
  • Perfect even when using all outlets
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Fine EMI/RFI noise filtering


  • Lacks advanced features

StarTech PDU Power Strip Best Budget

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The StarTech PDU Power Strip is an affordable power conditioner, with the effective capability to protect your devices accordingly.

It harbors 8 NEMA 5-15 outlets with 120V/15A, which offer you additional outlets for the protection of more devices. It features an inbuilt circuit breaker and reset switch, enhancing the performance of your networking device.

Since the outlets are sideways and most router/modem male connections are now wide, this works out perfectly to be able to plug in multiple things right next to each other.

The conditioner is integrated with a 6ft power cord and with the rack design compatible with 19-inch server racks, 4 inches or deeper, usability is enhanced.

The StarTech PDU Power Stripes are built with a strong and sturdy steel chassis with a raged finish that ensures a durable lifeline.

The panel further has LED indicators for ground and surge protection with ease made better by reset switches giving you control for manual reset.


  • Great value for money
  • Long-lasting ragged steel casing
  • Quality circuit breaker
  • Simple quality design


  • Lacks mount hardware for the gear

Panamax MR4000 8-Outlet High Surge Best Value

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The Panamax MR series power managers are trusted for offering several layers of surge protection and the MR4000 is no exception.

It is packed with 8 protected and filtered outlets(120V) with quality protection and disconnect technology for maximum protection of your devices.

The project and disconnect technology ensure the circuit trips once there are power surges such as lighting.

When the surges overwhelm the power manager, it permanently disconnects the AC power to the device.

To prevent signal lines from carrying damaging surges, the power manager uses Universal Ultra-low loss coaxial protection. This also maintains high-speed internet signals with full high-definition.

Panamax MR4000 applies the Panamax level 2 noise filtration that ensures the noise from getting into the audio system.

Additionally, you are offered an 8 ft power cable with a low profile making the usability end connection long and easy.


  • Affordable price
  • Low profile solid design
  • Clean air output
  • Multiple outlets, perfect for media center
  • Supports coaxial, network, and regular connections


  • Lacks USB charging port

Pyle2- Channel Bluetooth Powered Amplifier budget-friendly simple design

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Improve and protect your audio system with a durable protection manager with the PylePro M5400-PM.

It features a wide range of playback options and uses a powerful Bluetooth connection with the 2.1 version, compatible with various devices.

It can be used with multi speakers and comes with a maximum power of 2000W in bridged mode or 1000W per channel in stereo.

The digital amp box is equipped with (2) ¼-inch TRS, (2) XLR input jack connectors, and (3) Speak on output connectors.

The cooling system is top of the class, offering quality ventilation for enhanced air circulation within the unit to avoid overheating.

At an affordable price, the power manager adds quality to your audio by eliminating noise pollution from going into the AC.

The Pyle2 manager has a switchable power supply of 115\230 volts with a power output of 3000 watts MAX.

It furthermore has a built-in digital fluorescent display meter that shows all functions and inputs used.


  • Quality Bluetooth connection
  • Affordable and budget-friendly
  • Clear air output
  • Quality cooling system
  • Portable and mobile


  • Low-quality build
  • Low-quality mics

Furman SS6B Power Conditioner Best Budget Power Conditioner

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The next Power Conditioner on our list is the Furman SS6B conditioner. It works effectively to maintain appropriate power when surges occur.

It offers protection against surges with basic-level EMI and RFI filters for your audio devices.

However, since it is a basic power conditioner, it is not as effective in reducing noise contamination as you would prefer.

A 15ft power cord (120V)allows easy usability and connection, with the quality build making it durable and long-lasting.

It also features 6 outlets that provide a convenient floor unit power block enabling safe power maintenance for your home theaters.

The Furman SS6B Power Conditioner will serve you for a long period with maximum protection.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Quality build
  • Long power cord
  • Fine noise clearance


  • Lacks USB ports for charging
  • Lacks additional features


A quality home theatre power manager plays an important role in protecting the device from damage, and as mentioned some factors make some better than others.

A good manager should also play a part in providing quality audio by eliminating noise from getting into the AC.

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