Best Samsung Tablets for Drawing in 2022

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Are you wondering Best Samsung Tablets for Drawing? Android Drawing Tablets have proven themselves to be essential tools for drawing, sketching, and animating. One of the biggest names in the industry is Samsung Galaxy tablets.

They offer a lot to artists: well-built devices that won’t break if they’re dropped, great screens with vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, they’re compatible with most major art pen systems like Adobe Ink/Touch, as well as Wacom’s professional line of graphics tablets.

There are many excellent Samsung tablets on the market, but most lack styluses or, if they have, not all are suitable for drawing. We have compiled a list of some of the most deserving contenders for the title of best Samsung drawing tablet for artists after carefully examining a large number of tablets. So which Samsung tablet should you go for? Read on!

Best Samsung Tablets for Drawing

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Best overall
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Editors Choice
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite Best Budget Tablet
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Best Budget Alternative
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Best Android Tablet for Drawing

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Best overall

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is, without a doubt, a beast in practically every word definition. Samsung strikes all the right notes, from its enormous 14.6-inch display to the same power as the greatest Android phones.

This display also uses a Super AMOLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, as you might expect. This device also has an excellent S Pen with 2.8ms of latency, allowing you to draw and sketch on a large canvas.

You can utilize the S Pen with a wide range of Samsung tools and customizable features. The Air Command menu, which offers shortcuts to your favorite programs or allows you to take a note or two quickly, is where it all begins. Due to the Play Store, you have access to the top sketching applications for Android, providing you with a wide range of alternatives to experiment with.

Even while the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is great and amazing, it is also pretty pricey. Its pricing is comparable to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021), but it outperforms its size and shape. But not everyone has a large enough workspace to properly utilize the features of this Tablet, which is another incentive to purchase the Tab S8 Plus.


  • Includes an S Pen
  • New S Pen has a 2.8ms latency.
  • 120Hz variable refresh rate Super AMOLED display
  • Apps and features exclusive to Samsung improve the drawing experience
  • 128 GB of memory storage space
  • Size of Screen 14.6 Inches
  • Maximum Display Resolution: 1848 x 2960 Pixels


  • Pricey
  • Enormous

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

Editors Choice

The first time I used a Samsung tablet, I thought this thing was a gimmicky piece of tripe. But once I got past its Clear camera and faster processor, I began to see what it was offering: its big, bright, beautiful display. It is a great choice if you’re looking for a tablet that’s easy on the eyes and easy to draw on!

The Super AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is one of the best and most color-accurate displays available today and supports HDR10+.

Those who are artists will appreciate the buttery smooth screen transitions and pen response that the 120 Hz refresh rate offers.

The Tablet has a maximum brightness of 420 nits, making it comfortable to use outside in bright conditions.


  • Screen size: 11/12.4/14.6 inches
  • Resolution: 2800 x 1752
  • Fastest pen latency of 2.8 ms
  • Exemplary stylus usage
  • Premium style
  • The screen is vibrant and bright
  • Powerful in performance


  • There is no headphone jack
  • The packaging does not include a power brick (but you get a charging cable)
  • Keyboard accessory is expensive

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite

Best Budget Tablet

This Tablet is for someone who needs a small, lightweight device, and it’s also for those who need a tablet that can be easily tucked away in a bag and transported from one place to the next. While not as big as the Galaxy Tab S3 or larger Samsung tablets, this smaller Tablet can still do all the drawing you need but with less bulk.

For a lower price, you get the same ultra-thin tablet with minimal bezels surrounding the screen, making it a terrific choice for artists.

A mid-range processor powers the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, which might not be as quick as the non-lite model, and however it still has enough strength to complete daily duties. Besides the processor, Samsung may reduce the Tablet cost by removing all unnecessary functions like wireless charging and air gesture.

The good news is that tilt and pressure sensitivity are still supported in addition to quick and precise tracking. Despite not being AMOLED, the screen exhibits better and more accurate color than any other tablet’s display in this price range.

One of the most affordable tablets available right now is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.


  • Superior Tablet
  • 10.4-Inch Screen
  • Resolution Of 2000 X 1200 Pixels.
  • Two Speakers
  • Includes S-Pen
  • Money Value


  • Lack of a place to keep the stylus
  • Using two speakers rather than four
  • A mid-range processor

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Best Android Tablet for Drawing

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is a true beast as a drawing tablet. With a 2800 x 1752 resolution and a super-fast 9ms pen latency, it easily outperforms the competition. It features an amazing Super AMOLED screen with a total weight of 575g.

The tablet device is thinner than the stylus, making it a remarkably portable and light drawing tablet that many more widely available drawing tablets simply cannot match.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ has the advantage of having a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which means that you won’t have Stylus Lag when using graphic design apps or rapidly sketching.

Although it is not the most affordable drawing tablet on this list, at an average cost of $850, it performs as well as a high-end tablet and has all the tools you could need for digital sketching. This tablet works wonderfully with programs like Infinite Painter.


  • Tablet portability
  • Has a redesigned s pen with 9ms Pen Latency
  • High-resolution display
  • Trusted Brand for you


  • There is no keyboard included.
  • A bit Pricey
  • insufficient battery life

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Best Budget Alternative

With all the possibilities they provide, it’s not surprising to see more than one Samsung tablet on any best-of list. Artists searching for an excellent, affordable, and portable Android tablet for drawing will find everything they need with the Galaxy Tab A.

The Tab A, which is far less expensive than some of the other options Samsung provides, has a stunning 10.1-inch LCD screen that, especially at this price point, is one of the sharpest options on the market.

Although Tab A’s battery life is shorter than its predecessors, it still lasts about 13 hours, which is more than enough time to complete any artwork. While many may consider the S7+ their best option from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab A is still a viable alternative.


  • Expandable storage
  • Pocket Friendly
  • App store compatibility
  • Portable Android tablet


  • Shorter Battery life

Final Thoughts

Samsung is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to tablets. This brand has a saying that “the bigger, the better,” which drives them to produce larger tablets continuously. For a good reason, Samsung’s tablets top the list of the best Android tablets for drawing.

Samsung continues to innovate with tablets like the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus and Tab S8 Ultra, which also come with a stylus in the package. These tablets are unmatched when used with the greatest drawing programs because of their unbelievably low latency of just 2.8ms.

However, the gap between Samsung and other Android tablets is slightly closing outside of the stylus-specific functionality.

How to choose the Best Samsung Tablets for Drawing

Android tablets are always standalone and do not need a computer connected to use. We have graded each available Android drawing tablet according to the following standards to compare them. These are the factors, in my opinion, that set the finest Android Tablet for drawing apart.

  • Stylus
  • Display
  • Display Size
  • Resolution
  • Color Range
  • Memory
  • Storage inside
  • RAM
  • a battery’s life
  • Size and Portability
  • Worth the Money

Best Samsung Tablets for Drawing

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Best overall
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Editors Choice
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite Best Budget Tablet
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Best Budget Alternative
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Best Android Tablet for Drawing

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