Best Studio Monitors Under 200$

If you are looking for the Best Studio monitors under 200$, we have prepared a detailed review of the best in the industry. Having a pair of quality studio monitors is a key factor in music production. With non-quality monitors, one spends a lot of work, recording, mixing, and mastering feeling like it sounds good.

Only for you to play it somewhere else and find it awful. We have researched for you and found the Best budget studio monitors you can buy, making it easier for you to choose and consider the features that suit you best.

Best Studio Monitors Under 200$

  1. Krk Rokit 5G4 Best overall studio monitor
  2. JBL 305PM2 Best budget studio monitor
  3. JBL Control 1 Pro Great pick for a great price
  4. Monoprice Powered Studio Monitors
  5. M-Audio AV42 Best professional studio monitor

What is the Best Studio Monitors Under 200$

Our Pick

Krk Rokit 5G4 Review

Best Overall Studio Monitor Under 200

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Krk has gained a reputation for many years as one of the best producers of high-quality studio monitors. Although just one studio monitor is between 155$ and 180$ depending on where you buy, the active Krk Rokit 5G4 studio monitors are easily one of the best.

The Krk Rokit 5G4  features matching Kevlar drivers and onboard eq with a visual screen and a scientifically designed enclosure. Kevlar drivers are quite common with more high-end top-rated studio monitors.

They make sure that the sonic quality does not change no matter what frequencies are playing. They also enhance long working hours as one doesn’t get tired due to the clarity of sound. There are no colorations added by this studio that monitors what’s so ever. As for the onboard eq, it’s a graphic eq with an LED screen.

The reasoning for this eq is so you can tune the monitors to match your room’s acoustics. If you do not have a well-treated room, you’re not going to get an accurate sound representation when playing music through your monitors, however, using a graphic eq like the one included in the Krk Rokit consoles a fair amount of room treatment problems.

These studio monitors sound amazing and have a frequency response range of 43 watts to 40 kW. Being powerful they can handle all frequencies nicely and put out a great amount of accuracy. If you want a high-end pair of monitors Krk Rokit 5G4 is easily one of the best options.

If your budget is less than 200 dollars, you can purchase a single unit that is extremely well worth it. They sound amazing and I would recommend them to producers of any level, whether you are an entry-level producer or a pro.


  • They are a great generation of studio monitors.
  • Impressive sound production quality is brought about by a great frequency range.
  • Equipped with Kevlar drivers which ensure sonic quality consistency.
  • The single-monitor purchase option is great when you’re on a budget.
  • Their quality is great for both amateur and professional use.


  • Long-term use may gradually result in hissing and crackling sounds.
  • Tweeter’s configuration is difficult resulting in the production of noise.

JBL 305 MK2

Best budget studio monitor

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THE JBL 305MK2 studio monitors are another higher-priced monitor but extremely well worth it if you are looking to purchase monitors that will last you many years without having to upgrade.

A single monitor pushes the under 200-dollar budget coming in at around 150$ so this will be one. However, a single monitor will suffice if you are mixing in mono until you can get the other one.

JBL is well-rated in quality and it’s evident once you start using their products. The active amplified 305P boasts a 5-inch woofer with a frequency response rate of 49ht to 20 kilowatts so you could benefit from a subwoofer.

These studio monitors also have eq controls on the back so you could adjust your low and high frequencies to get the most out of the monitors with the acoustic treatment of your room. 

There is a port on the back of each monitor for the low-end frequency with Slipstream technology to ensure that low-end frequencies will not overload the woofers.

It is similar to a built-in limiter in that it works but it also provides another exit for the frequencies to come out so the subs do not override and distort your audio. Slipstream technology is essential in providing clean base representation when you’re mixing at low levels.

The JBL 305MK2 provides rich low-end and clear high-end without adding coloration. Regardless of your position in the room, the broad sweet spot ensures an accurate representation of sound all thanks to the image control guide. This proves its worth in big studios and large rooms. 

If you are looking for a pair that will serve a large studio, take a look at them, they sound amazing in that kind of space. The JBL 305MK2 is impressive in sound, is easy to set up, and has cutting-edge technology that will make your studio sound amazing and highlight your mixing skills


  • Mixing in the Mono option comes in handy for budget-squeezed users.
  • Eq controls help adjust frequencies manually and to your liking.
  • High levels of response rate ensure quality sonic production.
  • The presence of a broad sweet spot enhances the sound, making it sound great even in a large studio setup.


  • Not shielded enough to be used next to a computer with Wi-Fi or wireless mouse.
  • The sleek look is impressive but the quality makes it easier to break down.

JBL Control 1 Pro

Great pick for a great price

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The JBL control 1 pro studio monitors is an impressive pair of studio monitors. With the latest innovations in technology being used for this monitor, they will not disappoint you or hurt your wallet if your budget is under 200 dollars.

The Control 1 Pro monitors offer a 5-inch woofer and a .75-inch tweeter. A subwoofer will be more likely desired for use with this monitor as their frequency response range is from 100htsto to 18kh. The monitors are compact and ragged but their compact size can lead to more bass rumble.

The Control 1 Pro monitors feature a professional crossover network and professional drivers which allow the monitors to meet extremely demanding audio applications when in the studio or even for outdoor use as loudspeakers.

Steep crossover slopes enhance the sonic performance and high consistency imbalance between the low and high frequencies being produced. Sonic guard overload protection keeps lower high frequencies in check to avoid overload preventing them from potential damage from being played at extremely high levels of volume.

All this being said, the monitors sound real for being as small as they are and the audio performance can be described as being very transparent and accurate. High frequencies are very clear while the lows are smooth and clean.

If you need a pair of great build, powerful and quality monitors, then this might just be the one for you. They handle loud voice playbacks well and are good for any setup. They handle bass quite well but you can upgrade with some subwoofers.


  • Latest generation technology on studio monitors.
  • The high-frequency range creates a clean and great sonic sound.
  • Great for outdoor use due to the presence of a professional crossover network and professional drivers.
  • Steep crossover slopes enhance the sonic performance and high consistency imbalance between the low and high frequencies.


  • The quality is not up to the standard you may expect from JBL.
  • Included brackets are fragile

M-Audio AV42

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They are decent middle-of-the-road passive studio monitors set for their price. They’ve got a 4-inch woofer and 1-inch twitter so the bass handling will be more stable than a normal 3-inch woofer but not as good as studio monitors with an 8-inch woofer. The frequency response range for the AV42s is 75watts to 20kw which personally leaves me wanting more but it will still do the job well.

If you make a lot of bass-heavy music you will benefit from a subwoofer paired with this studio monitor because the lowest frequency response sits at 75hts producing some subfrequencies that you can feel.

AV42s are quite light, an advantage while on the go but, with the size of the woofer, you may deal with more rumbling or buzzing from the MDF enclosures when playing bass-heavy music at louder volumes. The AV42s is almost a high breed between computer speakers and high-end studio monitors.

They are small enough to fit in with a computer setup but are powerful enough that they would outdo computer speakers any day. The M-audio AV42s are both smooth and produce a nice rich bass.

A silk dome tweeter just like in more expensive monitors makes for top-range monitor sound quality. Along with their optime jiving tweeter guides, the AV42s studio monitors are fitted with a headphone output so if you need to do some close listening or pay attention to more details while mixing, you can do that before plugging it into your audio interface.

If the bass is not too much of a concern for you, or you plan to get a subwoofer, these affordable studio monitors by M-audio will be fine for you. Keep in mind that they require a power source which can be achieved using an amplifier or simply plugging them into a wall. They are a good middle-of-the-road pair and they sound very nice, especially for the price.

If you are a producer or Deejay who travels often, you will enjoy this studio monitor and be able to take them with you on the go. They’d also be good studio monitors for beginners.


  • A silk dome tweeter is an advantage over other monitors in its price range.
  • A great bargain for great quality.
  • Lightweight hence great for deejays or producers on the go.


  • The frequency range probably leaves you wanting more.

Monoprice Powered Studio Monitors Speakers

Best professional studio monitor

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Professional quality and great for use while recording, mixing, and even mastering. These Monoprice studio monitors do not require an amplifier for they are powered and instead, the power either comes from a battery or other internal power source from within the monitors.

Something about these mono-price monitors is that they are Biamp which means that each monitor uses two internal amps, one for powering the woofer and another one for powering the tweeter.

You can get incredibly loud, clean, crisp sounds out of this monitor without causing distortions. As for the specifics of the hardware, the staged right monitors are equipped with a 1-inch twitter designed with magnetic shielding and a 5-inch woofer with Kevlar fiber con with a magnetic shielding rubber around and a high-temperature voice coil.

 Kevlar drivers enhance lower end, basses, and kick drums and handle more power fatigue when you listen for a long period.

 Magnetic shielding prevents your monitors from picking up interference, hissing, cracking feeling, and other feedback from the electromagnetic field. The monitors additionally have a rubber to reduce rumble and a high temp voice coil allowing you to play high-volume audio from the monitors for a very long time. 

These studio monitors sound very good and are very high quality being under 200 dollars for a pair. The stage right bi Monoprice is a great low-budget price. If you do not want to compromise audio quality just to get more power out of studio monitors, these monitors give you the best out of both worlds and allow for a strong accurate sound reproduction regardless of the environment.

They’d be perfect for beginners and even more professional producers who want some extra power without having to rely on an external power source.


  • Low-budget quality monitors.
  • Kevlar drivers enhance lower end, basses, and kick drums and handle more power fatigue when you listen for a long period.
  • The selector switch at the back of each monitor allows you to adjust a high-frequency bass.
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Mostly comes with a single speaker instead of the advertised two


With all factors considered music production is all about quality and this is brought about by the producer’s ear which you further break down to the quality of studio monitors in use.

All we need is a clear no rumbling and distortion from the music and the features we have highlighted above ensure minimum to zero distortions by the above monitors. 

If you are a producer whether an amateur or a pro and you are having problems choosing a studio monitor am sure the above highlight will ease up your search.

Best Studio Monitors Under 200$

  1. Krk Rokit 5G4 Best overall studio monitor
  2. JBL 305PM2 Best budget studio monitor
  3. JBL Control 1 Pro Great pick for a great price
  4. Monoprice Powered Studio Monitors
  5. M-Audio AV42 Best professional studio monitor

What is the Best Studio Monitors Under 200$

Our Pick

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