Top 8 Best Tablets for Musicians

What are the best tablets for musicians? Modern tablets are powerful and capable of running different music applications that can help you listen, produce, and read music notes.

In this guide, we’ll provide expert recommendations on tablets that are perfect for creating and listening to music. If you are looking for tablets that you can use to read sheet Music, check out our last article.

We’ll discuss features like audio quality, storage capacity, and more so that you can make an informed decision when shopping for the perfect tablet for music.

The Best Tablets for Musicians

  1. Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch – Best Overall
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 UltraBest Samsung tablet for music
  3. Microsoft Surface Pro 8 – Windows tablet for music
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – Android tablet for music
  5. Apple iPad Air – Most Portable
  6. Fusion5 – Best Connectivity
  7. Amazon Fire HD 10 – budget tablet for music
  8. Microsoft Surface Pro 9 – Best Professional tablet for music

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch – Best Overall

  • Screen Size: 12.9 inches
  • Resolution: 2048 x 2732 pixels
  • RAM: 8 GB, 16GB
  • Internal Storage: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB
  • Processor: Apple M2
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • Colors: Silver, Space Gray
  • OS: iPad 16

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 is the most powerful tablet for music production. Speed and processing power are important factors to consider. This will allow you to easily multi-task and run complex programs and free or paid DAW.

The speed and performance are determined by the processor and RAM. Apple iPad Pro comes with a 12X Bionic processor and 8GB of RAM. This is good enough for any music needs and will easily replace your music production laptop.

Storage space refers to the memory where you will store your files. This tablet comes with up to 1TB of storage capacity which is more than enough. The Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch is arguably the best tablet for music production due to its powerful specs and processing power.

Additionally, this tablet has a nice and sleek design and feel. With its gorgeous 12.9-inch display and Apple Pencil support, this tablet is designed to create a great experience for creative professionals.

You will get great features and advanced audio editing capabilities. By downloading the right production apps you can use this device to mix and master tracks on the go or in your studio.


  • 4K video recording
  • Large Screen Size
  • High Screen Resolution with liquid Retina Display
  • 4 stereo speakers for Perfect sound quality
  • Scratch free screen
  • Large RAM and powerful processor
  • Large storage space


  • Expensive
  • Pen bought Separate
  • Complicated system

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra – Best Samsung tablet for musicians

  1. Screen Size: 14.6 Inch
  2. Resolution: ‎2960×1848 Pixels
  3. RAM: 12 and 16 GB options
  4. Storage Space: 256 ,512 GB and 1 TB options
  5. Comes with Samsung S Pen
  6. Weight: 2.4 pounds
  7. Average Battery Life: 2 weeks
  8. Rear Camera: ‎13 MP

The new Samsung Galaxy S9+ is one of the best tablets for Musicians. It features a large 14.6 Inch screen size with 2960 x 1848 Pixels resolution.

For processing power, you have a powerful Octa-core CPU up to 3.36 GHz processor with 12 and 16 GB RAM options for multitasking. It would however been perfect if they had a 32 GB RAM option.

To save files and install software, you will have a choice between 256, 512 GB and 1 TB storage options. We recommend the 1 TB option for the best experience.

Overall, this is a premium tablet and will serve you in a very wide range of professional functions including drawing and animation.


  • Large AMOLED screen with good resolution.
  • Powerful processor and wide range of RAM options.
  • Good Camera


  • Expensive

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – Best Android tablet for musicians

  • Display: 11 inches
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Internal Storage: 128 GB
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  • Connectivity: Dual sim, 3G, 4G,5G Wi-Fi
  • Color Varieties: Graphite, Silver, Pink Gold
  • OS: Android 12, One UI 4.1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is an Android-based tablet that offers a great range of features for music production.  Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is our Best Android tablet for music.

First, it comes with a large display that provides crystal-clear visuals. The 8-inch Super AMOLED screen is one of the best in the industry and provides a great experience viewing and editing sound wave visuals depending on the software you are using.

The RAM is good enough for music although it is slightly smaller than the Apple iPad Pro at 4 GB.

Additionally, this Samsung Tablet is packed with 64 GB / 128 GB storage so you can store plenty of files for music production. You will also not need to buy an S-Pen because, unlike the Apple iPad Pro, it comes with a free pen.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Windows tablet for music

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is the one of the best for music. It is one of the most powerful tablets that will run on a system similar to your PC laptop.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has an impressive display. First, it has a large 13-inch working area 2880 by 1920 pixels resolution Display screen.

For more clarity and vivid color display, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 100% sRGB gamut level will display clear and crisp colors.

Accuracy and sensitivity are very good thanks to 267 PPI pen response and a 10-point simultaneous sensitive screen.

As for the screen type, the Surface Pro 8 uses an Oleophobic coating that not only improves screen smoothness but also protects the screen, reduces fingerprints, and enhances the pen-tablet interaction.

The tablet comes with a free Surface Slim Pen 2 that will make selections and point a walk in the park. It is not so necessary for music but is perfect if you like writing or drawing.

Processor speed and multitasking are perfect with 16 GB RAM and Windows 11 with the Intel Evo platform and 11th generation core processor that allows for fast processing and multitasking.

256 GB storage is enough but can be upgraded to 1 TB using an external SD Card.

Apple iPad Air – Most Portable

Android versus iOS versus Windows tablets for music

When shopping for a music tablet, one of the most important choices you’ll have to make is between Android, iOS, and Windows tablets. Each type has its own advantages and drawbacks when it comes to making music.

Android devices typically provide more freedom when it comes to customizing their user interfaces and apps, while iOS devices provide ease of use and intuitive design. Windows tablets offer plenty of features but tend to be more expensive than other options.

How to choose the best tablet for musicians

Choosing the best music tablet for your needs relies on several factors. Firstly, consider your budget and what features you need from a tablet.

Additionally, if you are an iPad user it can be worth getting a device running the iOS operating system as it’s more compatible with the music software available today.

If you’re an Android user, you may find it easier to transition between devices due to the greater range of apps that are available.

Finally, if you plan on using your laptop or computer for advanced music production then look out for Windows tablets as they offer better integration with Windows software compared to Android or iOS tablets.

All these tablets stand alone and do not need a computer to use. However, if you need a tablet without a screen and need a PC connection, we recommend the new Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium.

What tablet for music can replace a laptop?

Depending on the level of music production you’re looking for, some tablets can perform just as well as a laptop for creating, recording, and editing music.

For example, an iPad Pro can be used to mix and master tracks with popular Android and iOS production apps like Audio Tool or Apple GarageBand.

Additionally, depending on your budget, Microsoft Surface models come with powerful processors capable of running more professional audio software like Ableton Live or Logic Pro X.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch is the Best tablet for music and will easily replace most laptops for music production under 300$ due to its powerful features.