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Best tablets for photo editing in 2023

The Best tablets for photo editing, need to easily run editing software such as Photoshop or light room without any problems. These 2 applications are by far my favorite software options in this field. 

As a regular photo editor, I have most recently felt the need to choose a portable drawing tablet thanks to the flexibility and powerful features on new brands of tablets.

First we will review the best ones in the market today then explain the factors you should consider when choosing your ideal photo editing tablet.

Best tablets for photo editing

  1. iPad Pro 12.9 The best iPad for photo editing
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra The Best Android Tablet for Photo Editing
  3. Simbans Picasso Best Budget
  4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite Best Budget Alternative
  5. Huion Kamvas Studio 22 
  6.  Lenovo Tab P11 Best Lenovo Tablet for photo editing

iPad Pro 12.9 Best Overall

Best tablets for photo editing

The iPad Pro is the best tablet for photo editing thanks to its powerful features and professional level screen. It comes with a 12.9 inch screen size with Liquid Retina Display that ensures a clear and colorful display of your photos.

Additionally the screen has one of the best screen resolutions in the industry at 2048 x 2732 pixels that is great and better than most other devices.


As mentioned above the tablet has one of the best displays you can get on a tablet and is by far better than most laptops. Another standout feature on the tablet is its powerful performance that is made possible by 16 GB RAM and a powerful M2 Chip. 

This will ensure that your tablet will run Photoshop or any other photo editing app without issues.

Storage space is also perfect with various options available from 128 GB up to 2 TB options. The tablet is unfortunately expensive because it is considered a premium level device. Additionally you will have to buy the Apple pencil 2 separately because it does not come with it.

Simbans Picasso Best Budget

Simbans Picasso is the best budget drawing tablet for photo editing. First of all the tablet is very affordable compared to the Samsung S8 Ultra.

Additionally, on purchase, you will get 4 free additional items that you would have to buy separately on other tablets. 

You get a free Drawing glove, a Stylus Pen, Simbans Picasso Leather casing, a screen protector, and a universal charger set. For artists, you also have pre-installed Autodesk sketchbook software that can get you started.

It comes with a 10-inch screen which is large enough and comfortable to use when editing photos. Although it is a little low, the screen resolution is crisp and clear at 1280×800 pixels bright HD display. 

This means that you will view your art in great color and high clarity. As mentioned, the screen is also protected by a free screen protector that comes with the tablet.

Simbans Picasso tablet can easily multi-task without any lags because of its large 2GB RAM and MediaTek Quad-core Processor. It will easily run all drawing apps and play many games without issues. To save your files, it comes with 32 GB storage space but you can also choose the 64 GB and 4GB RAM options only for a few more dollars.

You can use this tablet for many different uses such as writing, drawing, or watching movies without any problems. Simban Picasso is a drawing tablet and does not need to be connected to a computer to use.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite is a more powerful alternative Best budget tablet for photo editing. For an affordable price, you will get a nice tablet with great features that you can only find on expensive tablets.

If you have been following Samsung tablets with S Pen technology, then this is an advancement from the Samsung S6 Tablet only cheaper and with unnecessary features ignored.

The S6 Lite features an audio jack not available in the more expensive S6, S7, and even S7+  Samsung tablets. 

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite comes with a 10.4-inch screen size that is large enough for photo editing. You can watch your movie, or game, or edit photos in crisp and clear resolution with a 2000 x 1200 screen resolution.

Just like the other more expensive Samsung S7 and S7+, this tablet comes with a free highly pressure-sensitive S Pen. This makes it easy to use as a drawing tablet because of its accurate precision.

The technology used to develop this pen is adopted from Wacom’s Pen technology. Wacom is one of the top players in the drawing tablet industry. The Pen feels natural and nice when drawing. Additionally, it attaches to the cool sleek metallic build body of the Samsung S6 Lite.

You can easily use this tablet for different tasks without lag thanks to the powerful Exynos 9611 processor and 4GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite easily runs all drawing apps and most games without problems.

To save your files, it comes with 64 GB of memory that you can expand using a memory card to 1 TB. This tablet is fully portable and does not need a computer to use. It has both a screen and a computer to install the software hence it is a fully portable drawing tablet.

Huion Kamvas Studio 22 

If you have been wondering whether there is a cheap Huion Pen Computer Tablet, then the Huion Kamvas 22 is the tablet for you. Although a little more expensive than Samsung Galaxy and Simbanns Picasso, the Huion Kamvas 22 is far cheaper compared to other top-range-level Huion Tablets.  

Huion is known for creating professional-level drawing Tablets. One thing that stands out is the large 21.5-inch screen size which is not so common for drawing tablets in this price range. 

This tablet is from a dedicated drawing tablet producer so the screen has an anti-glare film and low parallax technology that reduces glare and ensures a clear natural view of your work.

The screen is also smoother than most other tablets. To add to this the screen has a high Full HD 1920X1080 pixel resolution.

The tablet comes with a highly sensitive 8192 pressure-sensitive battery-free pen. Combined with the plus or minus 60 tilt recognition, this pen falls on the smooth screen surface with very high accuracy and precision.

With a core i5 processor and 8 GB/16 GB RAM, this tablet will easily run multiple programs without lags or hanging. The Huion Kamvas Studio 22 comes with a large 1 TB internal memory and 120 GB Memory card.

 This is far more than enough for most artists. You can use this tablet easily without connecting to a computer.

 Lenovo Tab P11

 Lenovo Tab P11

Lenovo is another less common brand in the drawing tablet niche. Mostly known for computers, the Lenovo Brand also creates some high-quality tablets. Lenovo Idea tab makes it in our list of cheapest Standalone drawing tablets.

The Lenovo Idea tab has a large 11-inch screen a little larger than Simbans and Samsung Galaxy S6 lite. The screen has a 2K screen display at 2000 x 1200 pixels. These resolution levels are good enough for beginners and pros.

4GB RAM and a 2.05 Octa-core processor, similar to one in some Samsung Tablets, means that you can easily multi-task without lags. You can easily run drawing and streaming software and even games with this tablet. Storage space is enough to save your files at 128  GB.

How to Choose a Tablet for Photo Editing?

You need to consider the size of your Screen and its overall resolution. When editing photos, you want a large and comfortable working space and a colorful and clear enough display.

For this, we recommend a screen larger than 1920×1080 pixels resolution and anywhere above 12.9 inches in size.

You can either use a graphic tablet or a standalone tablet but I personally prefer a tablet that will not need a computer connected to use.

Processing power and performance on your ideal tablet should be able to run the editing software without lags or unnecessary crashes. You need to have more than 2 GB RAM and a modern processor for Photoshop.

RAW photos are large and need large reliable storage space. Additionally, you need space to install your software.

In a standalone tablet, you need a tablet with more than 256 or 512 GB of storage space. A graphic tablet on the other hand will use your laptop’s storage space.

What are the Best tablets for photo editing

  1. iPad Pro 12.9 The best iPad for photo editing
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra The Best Android Tablet for Photo Editing
  3. Simbans Picasso Best Budget
  4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite Best Budget Alternative
  5. Huion Kamvas Studio 22 
  6.  Lenovo Tab P11 Best Lenovo Tablet for photo editing