How to block YouTube on Amazon Fire Tablet

If you want to completely block YouTube on Amazon Fire Tablet, you need to know how to block both the YouTube Application and YouTube from your browser.

Amazon Fire Tablet is one of the top tablets for Kids. This means that it comes with a parental control dashboard. A parental control dashboard can help you control what your child watches and allows you to set control with Alexa. 

How to block YouTube on Amazon Fire Tablet?

Step 1: Go to settings and choose Parental Controls by tapping on it. Step 2: After that, input your password then finish.

block YouTube on Amazon Fire Tablet

Step 3: Choose Amazon content and Applications.

Step 4: Choose application and Games then toggle from unblocked to blocked.

block YouTube on Amazon Fire Tablet

Step 5: Navigate to the web browser and change from unblocked to blocked.

Step 6: Go back and choose password protection. It will prompt you to input a password. This password will be required to download YouTube or any other application. 

Step 7: You can set specific hours to request passwords and sometimes not. To do this, just click on Set a Curfew and follow the prompt.

 Amazon Fire Tablet

Step 8: Close and go back and your password is set.


How can I block access to YouTube on my Amazon Fire Tablet?

You can block access to YouTube on your Amazon Fire Tablet by using parental controls or third-party apps. You can also set up password protection for app downloads.

How do I set up parental controls to block YouTube?

To set up parental controls, go to Settings, Parental Controls. Turn On Parental Controls. Then, customize the restrictions for web browsers and video content.