5 Best iPad Magic Keyboard Alternatives

Apple Magic keyboard Alternatives-01

The iPad Magic Keyboard just like other Apple products does not come cheap. However, there are some alternatives that you can go for. Price and incompatibility are some of the main reasons iPad users may find themselves looking for an iPad Magic Keyboard alternative. Below are 5 of the best options you can choose. Logitech … Read more

7 Fun Things to do on an iPad

Things to do on an iPad

As the most powerful and reliable tablets out there, there are a lot of things to do on an iPad, both for fun and as a professional. The iPad has undoubtedly solidified its position as one of the most powerful and reliable tablets in the world.  With its sleek design, vibrant display, and an extensive … Read more

The Best 10 inch Tablets from Android, Windows and iPads

Best 10 inch tablet

There is a very wide variety of choices if you opt to go for the Best 10 inch Tablets. Their unique size strikes a balance between a small, easily portable, and compact build to a big enough working area for a lot of professional tasks. All the main tablet operating systems, that is Android, Windows, … Read more

How to print from iPad to HP printer

How to print from iPad to HP printer-01

In this article, I will explain How to print from iPad to HP printer in 2 different ways. Apple devices come with Airprint integrated into their system. Apple Airprint is a system that enables Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads to print on many different printers including HP. How to print from iPad Using … Read more

Top 8 Best Tablets for Musicians

Best Tablets for Musicians

What are the best tablets for musicians? Modern tablets are powerful and capable of running different music applications that can help you listen, produce, and read music notes. In this guide, we’ll provide expert recommendations on tablets that are perfect for creating and listening to music. If you are looking for tablets that you can … Read more

iPad Pro vs iPad Air (5th generation): Which one is best for you?

iPad Pro vs iPad Air

In this article, we will compare Apple iPad Pro vs iPad Air. Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch takes the first place in most drawing tablet reviews. Although Apple technically avoids the term drawing tablet in their products, most of their tablets are multipurpose and can easily be used for drawing. The reason the iPad Pro … Read more

The Best Drawing Tablets for Animation

Best Drawing Tablet for Animation-01

What are the Best Drawing Tablets for Animation? Whether you are a beginner or a professional, a drawing tablet is an important addition to your workflow and will highly improve your speed and output quality. Samsung, Wacom, Huion, Xpen, and Xencelabs are some of the top players that have joined the market in recent years. … Read more

Best drawing tablet under 300$ with a screen

Best Drawing Tablet under 300

What is the Best drawing tablet under 300$ with a screen? Tablets that come with an inbuilt screen are subdivided, depending on whether you need a computer to use them or not. Some must be connected to a computer while others have their own computer and screen. You can still get cheaper tablets but this … Read more

How to use an iPad as a Drawing Tablet with a PC

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Today I will show you How to use an iPad as a Drawing Tablet with a PC. When using an iPad as a drawing tablet, you are offered a load of options that make your experience and interaction better. Since Apple’s Macs are quite expensive to purchase, most artists would love to be able to … Read more

Top 10 iPad Accessories for Artists in 2023

iPad Accessories for Artists

What are the Top iPad Accessories for Artists? Apple has a unique way of making you want more, even after you have bought yourself an iPad. Whether it’s a cool case, keyboard, Pencil, cables, or adapters, they have a full kit to enhance your experience. It can be quite a challenge to know which ones … Read more

GAOMON PD1161: Best Budget Drawing Tablet


A drawing tablet is an essential gadget for an artist and can be the difference between a good and a great designer. Additionally, a drawing tablet enhances effectiveness and productivity but is GAOMON PD1161 any good for Drawing? GAOMON’s PD1161 is an 11-inch digitizer tablet by GAOMON. In this review, we will go through its … Read more

8 Best tablet for taking handwritten notes

9 Best tablet for taking handwritten notes

If you have ever used a tablet for taking handwritten notes, you will realize that, when chosen correctly, a tablet with a pen will give a better user experience than a paper and pen. At the end of the article, we have clearly explained the criteria we used and a simple process you can follow … Read more

The Best tablet for sheet music in 2023

Best Tablet for Sheet Music

If you are looking for the best tablet for sheet music, then this is the article for you. There are so many tablet brands and types available that choosing the best one can be overwhelming. When choosing a good tablet for your music, you need to go for one with a reasonably large screen size, … Read more

How to block YouTube on Amazon Fire Tablet

How to block YouTube on Amazon Fire Tablet

If you want to completely block YouTube on Amazon Fire Tablet, you need to know how to block both the YouTube Application and YouTube from your browser. Amazon Fire Tablet is one of the top tablets for Kids. This means that it comes with a parental control dashboard. A parental control dashboard can help you … Read more

Best Laptop for Drawing and Animation in 2023

Best Laptop for Drawing

When looking for the best laptop for drawing, you need to be on cue with the features and the parts they play on the computer. Laptops have improved gradually to serve diverse Users’ needs, and companies have kept in mind artists and designers. This is by producing quality touchscreen drawing laptops and adding a Stylus … Read more