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3 Easy Ways How to connect Magic keyboard to iPad (2023)

In our last article, we discussed how you can add a Magic Keyboard to your iPad Pro and use it as a 2 in 1 tablet and laptop. Failure of the Magic Keyboard to connect to your iPad can be very annoying.

In this article. I will show you the process: How to connect a magic keyboard to an iPad Pro. There are 3 ways you can connect the 2.

You can either pair the Magic keyboard through the Bluetooth options. Alternatively, you can use your charging port to connect the 2. 

Finally, if you have the specialized Magic keyboard, you can connect using the magnetic strip.

Magic Keyboard

How to connect Magic keyboard to iPad using Bluetooth

If you own the classic Magic keyboard, you can use Bluetooth to pair it. In case your keyboard had been paired earlier, you have to first disconnect through Bluetooth or turn the keyboard off.

  1. Go to settings, Bluetooth.
  1. Turn on the Bluetooth sensor on the back of the Magic Keyboard.
  1. Turn on the Bluetooth switch on the iPad screen too. You will notice the top right Bluetooth symbol to show 
  2. The Magic Keyboard appears under devices. Click on it.

How to connect Magic keyboard to iPad using USB Cable

If you have a USB-C charging cable, just connect your iPad and Magic Keyboard using the Lightning to USB-C charging cable.

It automatically detects and Pairs.

How to connect Magic keyboard to iPad using Magnetic Strip

If you have the Magic keyboard specific to your iPad, the process is easier. Slightly fold the keyboard once to place. Connect the iPad to the Magnetic area and that is it.

How to troubleshoot Magic Keyboard connection

  1. Turn the iPad and Magic Keyboard on and off to refresh.
  2. Force reset your iPad. This will help solve most configuration issues you may have. To do this click volume up then volume down and hold down the power button.
  3. Update iPad iOS software
  4. You can use the Siri voice command to toggle assistive touch. Alternatively, you can toggle it on and off manually from the settings. You can find it under settings>accessibility>touch.

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  1. Why is the Magic Keyboard special?

    Apple’s Magic Keyboard provides a better user experience with a laptop-like orientation. Additionally, it raises the iPad screen to a comfortable viewing angle that is perfect to work on. If you are writing on the tablet, the keyboard and trackpad allow a laptop-like experience and feel.

  2. Is the Magic Keyboard Different From Other Regular Keyboards?

    When you connect the Magic Keyboard to a MAC that runs on an M1 processor, the keyboard automatically provides Touch ID authentication. This is not available on an iPad.

  3. Why can't I pair my Magic Keyboard to my iPad?

    One of the most common reasons you can not pair the Magic Keyboard is a pending Software update. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and choose Update. Alternatively, turn Bluetooth on and off then restart your iPad to trouble shoot connection.