How to connect Magic keyboard to a MAC

In this article, I will show you how to connect Magic keyboard to a Mac, MacBook, or iPad tablet. By the end of the article, you will understand how to pair your latest Magic Keyboard with your Apple gadgets, which are desktop Macs, MacBook, and iPads.

The easiest way to pair your keyboards is to use a USB-C connection. Once connected, your keyboard and MAC or MacBook are paired.

To confirm whether your Magic Keyboard is paired to a Mac or MacBook, go to Apple Logo on top> System and Preferences> Bluetooth. You will see all the paired devices.

If your Magic Keyboard has a Touch ID feature, it will only be active with M1 Chips. The Magic Keyboard is, however, compatible with all MACS.

How to connect Magic keyboard to a Mac using Bluetooth?

If you own the classic Magic keyboard, you can use Bluetooth to pair it. In case your keyboard had been paired to your Mac earlier, you have to first disconnect through Bluetooth or turn the keyboard off.

  1. Go to settings, Bluetooth.
How to connect Magic keyboard to a MAC
  1. Turn on the Bluetooth sensor on the back of the Magic Keyboard.
How to connect Magic keyboard to your iPad
  1. Turn on the Bluetooth switch on the Mac or iPad screen too. You will notice the top-right Bluetooth symbol.
  2. The Magic Keyboard appears under devices. Click on it.
How to connect Magic keyboard

How to connect Magic keyboard to a MAC using a USB cable

If you have a USB-C charging cable, just connect your iPad and Magic Keyboard by connecting the Lightning Cable to the USB-C charging cable.

Your iPad or Mac will automatically detect the Magic keyboard and pair with it. to see connected devices. Go to the Apple logo on top, then System and Preferences, then Bluetooth.

How to troubleshoot the Magic Keyboard connection

  1. Turn the iPad and Magic Keyboard on and off to refresh.
  2. Force reset your iPad to solve any configuration issues you may have. To do this, click volume up, then volume down, and hold down the power button.
  3. Make sure your iOS software is up-to-date.
  4. You can use the Siri voice command to toggle assistive touch. Alternatively, you can toggle it on and off manually from the settings. You can find it under settings>accessibility>touch.

How to Disconnect Magic Keyboard from a Mac, MacBook, or iPad

  1. Go to Settings, and choose Bluetooth.
  2. Click on the info icon on the far right side. Choose the forget device.
  3. The Apple Magic keyboard will still appear on the devices but will not be connected to your iPad.
Magic keyboard disconnect

How do I turn on the Magic Keyboard to a MacBook Pro?

After the Magic Keyboard is connected to your Mac or MacBook, you need to turn it on to be able to use it.

The Magic Keyboard has its own switch and battery. Go to the top of the keyboard and turn the switch on. It appears to be green in color when on.

When you pair the devices for the first time, the keyboard will automatically connect to your Mac or iPad every time you switch them on, unless you disconnect them.

In case of any issues, toggle the switch on and off to troubleshoot the connection.

  1. Why is Magic Keyboard not pairing with My Mac?

    If your Magic Keyboard fails to pair, you can try turning your keyboard on and off and reconnecting the USB cable connection. Check whether Bluetooth is on by going to Apple logo > System Preferences > Bluetooth. Forget, then connect again.

  2. How to connect a Magic Keyboard to an iPad?

    Go to Settings > Bluetooth to make sure Bluetooth is on. Check under devices to see whether the device is connected. Choose your device under other devices for first time pairing.