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GAOMON Drivers: How to Download and Install

GAOMON Drivers How to Download and Install-01

In this article, we will explain How to Download and Install GAOMON Drivers on your tablet. If you have not yet chosen the GAOMON tablet to go for, we have done a detailed review of the Best Huion Drawing Tablets for Beginners.

It can be quite frustrating when you purchase a drawing tablet and after installing the drivers, the tablet still does not work. This can be brought about by using an incorrect method while installing the drivers or the wrong source for drivers.

Today we shall take you through the process and whether you are using Windows or MACOS operating systems, you shall be able to download and install GAOMON drivers.

How to install GAOMON Drivers
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How to download GAOMON PD1560 drivers

The first step in the process involves downloading the correct drivers for your tablet and model. To download MAC/Windows drivers for any model is the same as the below process for downloading GAOMON PD1560 drivers.

Step 1: Go to the official GAOMON Drivers Download page.

Step 2: Choose your tablet model, for example PD1560.

Step 3: Choose driver Category.

Step 4: Choose your system MAC, Windows or Linux.

Step 5: Automatically, a list comes up of the available drivers. Click download on the far right.

GAOMON Drivers for Windows and MACOS

image credits GAOMON

GAOMON Drivers for Windows and MACOS

Visit the GAOMON site and download the drivers for Windows PC, with specifications that serve your PC.

How to Install GAOMON Drivers on Windows

Step 1; Download GAOMON Drivers

Step 2: Close all Programs – Close all software/programs including the Anti-virus on your computer. It is also important to uninstall any previously installed GAOMON or any other drawing tablet’s drivers.

Step 3; Unzip the downloaded files Unzip the Drivers file and choose a location for the unzipped files. For example Desktop.

Step 4; Run and Install- Run and install your drivers and click on ‘Run as Administrator. You are then provided with the installation program and make sure the default installation path is Disc C.

Step 5: Keep clicking ‘Next’ until you get to the last step ‘Install”. Click on ‘finish’ and your drivers are installed and the tablet is ready for use.

How to Install GAOMON Drivers MACOS

Step 1: Download the GAOMON Driver

Step 2: Visit the GAOMON site and download the drivers for MACOS, with specifications that serve your PC.

Step 3: Install drivers – After downloading the drivers, click the installation package which will pop out a ‘GAOMON Tablet’ icon and an ‘application’ folder. Drag the ‘GAOMON Tablet’ icon and place it in the ‘Application’ folder.

Step 4: Run the Drivers – Double-click the ‘GAOMON Tablet’ in the ‘application’ to open and run the driver. The drivers are now installed and you can now get started.

GAOMON Drivers

image credits GAOMON

How to Uninstall GAOMON Drivers

Since it is recommended to delete previous versions of drivers before downloading the new drivers, the following instructions will guide you to uninstall successfully.

Uninstall GAOMON Drivers from a Windows System

If you want to uninstall drivers from your Windows system, there are 2 approaches you can choose to use.

Method 1: Uninstall in Control Panel

Just like driver installation, kindly make sure you have closed all your software/programs including hidden ones like antivirus.

Step 2: Press the Windows button and on the right side of the popup you will select ‘control panel’.

Step 3: In the ‘program and features’ option, select ‘uninstall a program. Some versions only have ‘programs’ for the first option.

Step 4: Select the GAOMON drummer drivers by right-clicking and then select uninstall. By this, the drivers are successfully uninstalled.

Method 2; Uninstall GAOMON Drivers from the Windows Start Menu

Step 1: Click the start button on the left side of your screen.

Step 2: Select the ‘All programs’ button for a dropdown menu of all the programs.

Step 3: Then click on the ‘GAOMON Tablet’ folder and select ‘Uninstall GAOMON Tablet’.

How to Uninstall GAOMON Drivers from a MACOS System

Just like the Windows PC system, you can Uninstall GAOMON Drivers from a MACOS System in 2 ways.

Method 1: Uninstall from Applications

  1. Close all designing and antivirus software.
  2. Then go to ‘Finder’ and select ‘Applications’.
  3. Find the ‘GAOMON Tablet’ folder, open it, and select ‘Tablet Driver Uninstall’.

Finally, choose ‘uninstall Driver’ and input your Mac account code and your drivers are uninstalled.

Method 2; Uninstall by Dropping it into the Trash

  1. Go to ‘Finder’, select ‘Application’, and find the ‘Gaomon Tablet’ folder.
  2. Right-click the folder and select Move to Trash.
  3. In the dock, click ‘Trash’ and then ‘Empty’ on the right side of the screen.
  4. There you go, the drivers are uninstalled.
  5. You are however advised to restart your computer before reinstalling the drivers.

Whether you prefer Windows or Mac OS operating systems, GAOMON drivers can be easily installed and uninstalled but you will have to make sure you follow the above steps.

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Does GAOMON work with PC?

Yes, Gaomon provides drivers for both macOS and Windows operating systems. Make sure to download the driver version compatible with your OS.

How Do I Update Gaomon Drivers?

Periodically check the GAOMON website for driver updates. Download the latest version and follow the installation steps. Updating drivers can enhance compatibility and resolve issues.

How Do I Install GAOMON Drivers?

Download the driver software from the Gaomon website. Run the downloaded installer. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Restart your computer if prompted.

What if I’m Experiencing Driver Installation Issues?

If you have specific questions or encounter difficulties with Gaomon drivers, visit the Gaomon FAQ page for additional guidance. You can also reach out to Gaomon’s customer support for personalized assistance.