GAOMON M10K 2018 Drawing Tablet

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When looking for a budget-friendly drawing tablet, you may face some difficulty selecting one from the wide market range. GAOMON M10K 2018 comes to your rescue, providing you with a lovely experience to take your design world to the next level.

The GAOMON M10K 2018 is a Digitizer tablet or better known as a Pen tablet meaning it does not have a screen on an inbuilt computer system. This means the tablet is fully dependent on a computer connection for use.

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How Good is the GAOMON M10K 2018 Tablet?

We shall take you through the tablet’s features offering you an honest feel of just how good the M10K 2018 is.

  • Build and Design; fairly Good
  • Drawing Experience; Excellent
  • Compatibility and Connection; Good
  • Build and Design

GAOMON M10K 2018 Specifications

The M10K 2018 harbors a 10 by 6.26-inch size and that’s quite a nice working area with the feature further enabling portability. It can fit into almost any backpack hence moving around with the tablet is not limited.

GAOMON goes for a minimalist design, with simple black color for both the surface and the panel. At the lower end of the surface, you find 1 touch ring, one round key, and a whopping 10 customizable keys.

These keys are very important to users who prefer programming their shortcuts on the buttons making it efficient and easy to navigate. The round key, on the other hand, is used to shift functions, for example, zooming canvas, and scrolling page among others.

The round customizable key can be programmed to fit the shift functions too and with all this, you enable an efficient and fast work rate.

On the back of the tablet, you get 4 small rubber feet that help in raising the tablet a little from the surface to avoid sliding and movements while drawing.

On the sides, the M10K 2018’s edges are beveled to allow comfortable wrist positions when drawing and also look nice to spice up the design.

One setback with the express keys is that they do not support long press options. This is an additional feature in some tablets that enables additional shortcut options for a limited number of express keys.

Another problem comes in when using the round key to scroll the page, for if you’re scrolling downwards using a clockwise motion, the cursor tends to go up before correctly going down as required.

Drawing Experience

When it comes to drawing using a drawing tablet, you need a comfortable interaction between the stylus and the tablet’s surface.

The M10K comes with a battery-free digital pen to support your drawing experience. What makes this stylus better than the other pen in its price range, is the quality features it harbors.

It harbors industry-leading 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, offering you control of your designs for an impressive pen-to-canvas-like experience.

Additionally, the stylus holds a 5080 LPI pen resolution and when combined with the tablet’s 233 PPI response rate, the pen is detected faster for a lag-free session.

The pen is made with a tapered design that helps enhance grip and the finish is made of plastic-matt. On the body, you find one button that is leveled to the pen, unlike most pens that come with two buttons, and the buttons are made with a little bulge.

Moreover, the pen supports a tilt function, another feature most tablets in its category lack. The tilt function enables you to tilt the pen when brushing and shading your designs among other needs.

As stated before, the sensitive surface comes with a black color finish and works quite impressively with the pan to offer you a lovely experience.

The GAOMON M10K 2018 is impressively nice when it comes to the drawing experience. The pen is well-featured and works well with the screen for an accurate, precise, and natural experience.

When it comes to the pen’s build, however, having one button may be a deal-breaker since most pen’s come with 2. Additionally, a little bulge to the button would have made the button better in both feel and functionality.

Compatibility and Connection

TheM10K 2018 is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems among other drawing and design software.

Connecting the tablet to your computer is easy as you only need a micro-USB cable connection and you are ready to go.

It is quite understandable that the tablet is not compatible with Android, as most digitizer tablets do not. However, it would have been great to use the M10K 2018 with an Android device.


The M10K is a lovely drawing tablet and at the budget-friendly, it’s quite a steal. The best-fitted user of the tablet is a beginner or an amateur user.

It is a great alternative to the common Wacom Intuos and you will save a few bucks for a similar if not better-featured drawing tablet.

In the above review, however, take a look at the features embedded on the tablet and also take into consideration the cons highlighted under every subtopic.

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