GAOMON PD1161 Review: Best Budget Drawing tablet

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A drawing tablet is an essential gadget for an artist and can be the difference between a good and a great designer. Additionally, a drawing tablet enhances effectiveness and productivity but is GAOMON PD1161 any good for Drawing?

GAOMON’s PD1161 is an 11-inch digitizer tablet by GAOMON, and we will go through the features it harbors, its pros and cons, and finally give an honest opinion on whether to consider the tablet in the future.

GAOMON PD1161 Specifications

  • Size 11 inches
  • Pen AP50
  • Pen pressure sensitivity 8192
  • Screen resolution; 1920 by 1080
  • Connection; HDMI, USB-2.0
  • Response rate; 266
  • programmable keys; 8
  • Compatibility; windows 7 and above, macOS 10.12 and above, and Android OS 6.0
  • Reading height;10mm
  • Build and Design

The tablet’s panel measures 14.21 by 7.87 by 0.51 inches and offers a lovely diagonal size of 11 inches.

This is a nice size to move around with since it can easily fit into a backpack. Additionally, a lightweight build of 866g makes it better for mobility and portability.

The 11-inch touchscreen is awesome, providing you with a standard working area for a quality working experience.

On the left side of the screen are 8 customizable keys that offer you a wide shortcut option making your work rate more effective.

One setback however is that the buttons are made in favor of right-handed users, making it a little difficult for left-handed users. Most tablets come with a left-hand mode that helps you switch if you are left-handed.

GAOMON PD1161 Stylus Pen

The drawing experience is made possible by a responsive screen and the AP50 pen, and their interaction ensures you a seamless drawing condition.

The pen harbors 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, and by this, you are awarded authentic and natural stroke production.

A 266 PPI response rate combines with a 10mm sensing height, allowing smooth and constant line input without lagging for a seamless experience.

Additionally, the pen supports a tilt function that allows function when you to tilt the stylus for a better and more natural brushing technique.

On the tablet are 2 programmable buttons that bring more shortcut options closer to your fingers for a more effective experience.

The AP50 adopts the passive pen technology, making the pen battery-free additionally never requiring plug power for charging.

For a smoother and easy experience, it not only has a lovely grip but also is lightweight(16g), for more comfort.

GAOMON PD1161 Screen and Display

The screen display is lovely unveiling lovely visuals with a rich production of colors. This is ensured by quality 1920 by 1080 levels of screen resolution.

Moreover, the rich color production is better courtesy of 72 NTSC, ensuring a more vivid visual with an abundance of colors.

The IPS Full HD screen technology also plays a part in the quality display and additionally helps make the touchscreen feature better and stronger.

Another technology the PD1161 embeds on the screen is the Anti-glare film that best enhances transparency for clear visuals in bright environments.

Is the GAOMON PD1161 a Standalone tablet?

The PD1161 is a Digitizer tablet, meaning it comprises a tablet with a sensitive surface that is integrated with a screen. It is an upgrade of the pen tablet that lacks its screen but falls short of the Standalone tablet due to the lack of an inbuilt computer system.

This means you must use the tablet with a computer and the connection is made by using a USB-2.0 cable.

You can additionally connect the tablet to an external display using an HDMI connection for better or larger visuals.

The tablet is compatible with Windows 7 and above and macOS 10.11 and above operating systems.

This is quite a letdown since most companies have added Android and Chrome OS to their list of compatible operating system


  • Effective stylus features
  • Easily portable
  • Numerous shortcut buttons
  • Quality screen features
  • Easily connected to a computer


  • Budget-friendly
  • Not compatible with Android and ChromeOS
  • Not a standalone tablet


In comparison to most Digitizer tablets of its size, the PD1161 is a quality tablet that comes at a budget-friendly price. It can be used by beginners and amateur artists but it feels less for professionals since most professionals prefer Standalone tablets for their careers.

This setback also means you can only use the tablet at your desk or with a laptop for out-of-the-house use and is quite a deal-breaker for users who prefer to work on the go.

Additionally, the tablet is not compatible with Android and Chrome OS operating systems and though it’s not a big deal, it locks out a lot of users who do not prefer Windows and macOS.

Generally, the tablet is great for use and if you would like to compare it with other drawing tablets from GAOMON check out our earlier post on GAOMON’s best drawing tablets you can buy.

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