GAOMON PD1560 vs XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro which one is better

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Drawing tablets with a screen can be quite stressful to choose the best when purchasing. We shall compare two quality tablets, the GAOMON PD1560 vs XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro, hoping you shall have a better knowledge of your options.

The two tablets are quite similar but when you check them closely, you shall note that some features in one overpower the other and vice versa. What’s obvious is the fact that they both are Drawing tablets with a screen and they feature 15.6-inch screen size.

GAOMON PD1560 Review

GAOMON PD1560 Specs

  1. Pen; AP40
  2. Pen pressure sensitivity; 8192
  3. Tilt support; no
  4. Screen resolution; 1920 by 1080
  5. Screen features; IPS screen
  6. Compatibility; Windows and MacOS
  7. Connection; USB-C

The GAOMON PD1560 harbors an outstanding 15.6-inch screen and this is perfect for users that prefer a large working space without that much expense on portability. Sold at quite a budget-friendly tag compared to its competitor, it is a great value for money.

 Stylus Pen

When it comes to the pen, the AP40, a wireless digital rechargeable Stylus serves the pen functions with perfection and accuracy. The pen delivers 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity that make your experience both lovely and precise. By this, you achieve smooth line production and a pen-like experience.

Additionally, pen detection is impressive due to a pen resolution level of 5080 levels. This in turn helps achieve an impressive 233 rps response rate that helps a fast detection of the position of your stylus.

An ergonomic design then comes in to enable fatigue-free long working hours for you to be more productive. Although the pen is not battery-free, the pen runs for 350 days after just 2.5hrs of charge.

Screen Display

The PD1560’s visuals are quite lovely, due to a quality screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. A display of 262K displayable color and a 72% NTSC color gamut play a large part in allowing the production of rich colors.

Moreover, IPS technology embedded in the screen features crystal alignment that enhances transparency even in bright conditions. A fast response rate of 233 rps then makes your pen-screen interaction great for a more Canvas-like experience.

Shortcut Expresskeys

Gaomon PD1560 has 10 customizable express keys. They enhance efficiency since the user’s shortcut habits are empowered. Enjoy the PD1560 with your personal settings on the buttons for more familiar and customized usability.

Connection and Compatibility

Connecting to a computer is a must for the PD1560, and is made possible by the available USB-C. This ensures a less wired and clean desk.

When it comes to compatibility, the tablet is compatible with Windows 7 and above, and MacOS 10.12 and above operating systems

Additionally, the tablet has an adjustable stand whose slider runs from 10-90 degrees. By this, comfortable positions are achieved by the elevated display for longer working hours.


  • Quality pen
  • High pen pressure sensitivity levels
  • High-definition screen display


  • Few screen technologies

 XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Review

XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Specs

  1. Pen; PA2
  2. Pen pressure sensitivity; 8192
  3. Tilt support; yes
  4. Screen resolution; 1920 by 1080 pixels
  5. Screen features; full-lamination, anti-glare film
  6. Compatibility; Windows ,MacOS ,chromeOS, and Linux
  7. Connection; USB

The quality  XP-Pen Artist 15.6 pro drawing tablet also has a 15.6 inches screen size.  It poses a sleek 11mm thickness and the combination is perfect for a large working space with a portable weight and build.

Stylus Pen

The PA2 Battery-free Stylus harbors a list of features that make it quite lovely and efficient. Control is achieved by 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity and this further provides a natural, fluid, and accurate experience.

A 5080 LPI pen resolution enables quick pen detection, eliminating lags. As far as brushes are concerned, the P05R supports 60 degrees of tilt function, exposing you to a wide brush capability.

 Furthermore, the electromagnetic resonance technology provides you with a battery-free status, with an additional lightweight build. The lightweight pen is further made comfortable by a non-slip rubber, giving you that pen feel and long working hours with reduced fatigue.

On the side of the pen is a toggle that allows you to switch from pen to eraser and vice versa.

Screen Display

Screen technology plays a big role in ensuring a better display and this tablet piles them up for a better visual. Adopting the anti-glare film, reflections and glare are reduced for quality use even in bright environments. Full-laminated screen technology comes into the picture to reduce parallax by combining the glass to the screen.

In relation to the screen, the Artist 15.6 Pro adopts quality features and technology. The tablet offers an impressive 1920 by 1080 pixels for a clear and well-detailed display. Color display only gets richer, achieved by a combination of 120% sRGB and 88% NTSC color gamut. Furthermore, the tablet has an impressive 16.7 million color display, making your colors and images come to life.

Shortcut Expresskeys

Not only are you provided with 8 programmable keys, but also a roller wheel that helps you scroll up and down, zoom in out the canvas, etc. The 8 customizable keys give you a wide shortcut option optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Compatibility and Connection

Connection to a computer is a must since the artist 15.6 Pro lacks an inbuilt computer. The link is made using a simple USB cable. This connection can be made to Windows 7 and above, macOS 10.11 and above, ChromeOS m88 and above, and Linux operating systems.


  • High-quality PA2 stylus
  • Quality screen resolution levels
  • High pen pressure sensitivity levels
  • Impressive screen resolution


  • A little bit expensive compared to its competitor

How to choose the best drawing tablet with an inbuilt screen

Stylus Pen

A quality pen is quite essential when it comes to drawing tables. This feature is responsible for most of your note-writing and drawing. A quality stylus delivers this effectively courtesy of high-pressure sensitivity levels, response rate, pen resolution, and reading height.

Tilt function support is a feature that enables you to exhaust brush functionality for an efficient work rate. The stylus that supports this feature is better when it comes to art and design.

Screen Display

Whether it’s a television, phone, laptop, or drawing tablet, everyone would love to have a great visual display. In drawing tablets, we focus on screen resolution and the technologies embedded in the screen to make your experience better and bring out a rich color display.

Shortcut Express keys

Express keys come in handy and when the user is offered multiple customizable keys, efficiency is enhanced. Navigating the drawing tablet is further made easier, as you can program it to move around with a touch of a button

Compatibility and connection

 Since drawing tablets with a screen lack an inbuilt computer, it is compulsory to connect the tablet to a computer. To avoid cluttering your desk with uncomfortable wires, you’ll need the easiest connection like the 3-in-1 cable or the USB-C cable.

Compatibility is all a matter of preference. Various Operating systems have come up and all have their Pros and Cons. it’s easier to use the one you feel comfortable and efficient with.

Most drawing tablets are only compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems, with others including AndroidOS and ChromeOS for a more user-friendly interaction.


It is quite evident that the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro wins the day, with the advantages coming from the screen resolution and pen features. On the pen, the ability to support the tilt function might be the difference between a good design and a great design due to the brush’s capabilities.

Moreover, the screen features such as full laminated technology and anti-glare film offer a quality display and reduced parallax.

The GAOMON PD1560 may not have won this contest, but be rest assured of a quality drawing tablet with an affordable price tag.

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