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How Long Do iPads Last? Detailed Explanation

If you have ever bought an iPad, it is understandable if you would want it to last forever. This is of course if you consider the reliable and powerful performance or the very expensive price range that you may not want to spend again.

How long your iPad lasts is totally dependent on how you use it. However, an average of about 4 years is the most common lifespan. The lifespan is not cast in stone. If you use your iPad well you may use it even beyond 5 years if you can avoid mechanical problems.

There are a number of important factors that can determine whether your iPad will last for long or not. For example, using iPad screen protectors may be uncomfortable to use, but will ensure your screen does not break regularly.

Here are some more.

  1. Battery backup and Power Problems
  2. Run Software Updates Regularly
  3. iPad Accessories

Battery Backup and Power Problems

On purchase, you will have a solid 10 hour battery life. On continued usage however, you will notice the battery life slowly reducing. 

To avoid a fast decline, you can apply 3 option solutions. One, you can avoid overcharging the battery or using your iPad as it charges. First charge to full 100% charge then start using.

Close unused background programs. Avoid running very many unnecessary programs in the background. These programs drain your battery faster.

Buy a backup replacement battery. To avoid battery issues, you can invest in buying a replacement battery as you notice slowing down.

Run Software Updates Regularly

Make sure to download drivers, software and applications from official sites to avoid your tablet being infected by viruses. 

Additionally, try to run regular updates on your iPad system. Finally, avoid installing too much software that you do not need. This will cause lags on the system which is not a good user experience.

iPad Accessories

As mentioned earlier about the iPad screen guard, try to invest in protective accessories for your iPad. They will ensure you use it longer. A good example is a tablet bag to carry it around with or a screen guard.

Additionally these protective gear will reduce or eradicate high repair and spare part costs.

Signs that you need to to assess your iPads Performance

  1. Fast drawing battery.
  2. Slow Processing iPad functions.
  3. Internal storage full pop up.
  4. Faulty hardware such as broken screens or unresponsive buttons.


Overall the iPad is a powerful workstation that will give you value for your money. However, simple tricks and knowledge about your device will help ensure that you get the most value from your device.