How to Cancel Adobe Subscription in 2022

If you have purchased an Adobe subscription and would like to cancel the plan, we have 5 steps you can follow.

However, the following guide only works for those of you who purchased the subscription directly from Adobe. If elsewhere, you will have to contact the store directly.

Additionally, if you would like to switch plans, the following steps are not for you. You can change the plans without canceling the subscription.

5 steps How to Cancel Adobe Subscription

Let’s now get to how you can cancel an Adobe subscription.

  1. Sign in to Adobe click here
  2. Click on manage plan and choose the plan you want to cancel.
  3. Select cancel plan. However,  you can’t see the cancel plan option if your payment is being processed or there is a problem with the plan.
  4. Specify reason for cancellation on the box check options provided and click on continue.
  5. Finally follow instructions provided onscreen and complete cancellation.

By now you have completed canceling an Adobe subscription. If you have a Creative Cloud team subscription, follow the following steps.

How to Cancel Creative Cloud Team Subscription

It’s a little bit different when it comes to canceling a Creative Cloud Team subscription.

Step 1;  Contact Adobe customer care

Step 2; navigate your way to Adobe Admin console.

Step 3; finally select support and there you can go ahead to chat with support.

When you cancel a Creative Cloud subscription, you no longer have access to your Creative Cloud applications or subscription’s included services.

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