5 Ways How to Connect Printer to iPad

In this article, we will guide you through five of the easiest methods How to Connect Printer to iPad and finally explore how to print seamlessly from your iPad tablets.

As more people replace their laptops with iPads as their main work computers, it’s only natural that they expect the same level of functionality from their Apple tablets as they would from their laptops. 

A crucial part of this functionality is the ability to print documents, including web pages, official documents, emails, and photographs. However, before you can print from your iPad, you must know how to connect it to a printer. 

How to add Printer to iPad

Method 1 – AirPrint: Easy Wireless Printing

Firstly, ensure that you have a wireless printer that supports AirPrint. AirPrint allows iPads and iPhones to print conveniently without any additional setup or application.

To print, put the AirPrint compatible printer on the same network as your iPad. After that, select the content you want to print, such as an email or webpage, and tap the ‘Share’ option.

Then, choose ‘Print’ and select your AirPrint printer from the list drop-down.

Method 2 – Printer Manufacturer Apps

First you need to download the Printer App that works with your printer. Many printer manufacturers offer dedicated apps that allow you to print directly from your iPad. 

Visit the App Store and download the app corresponding to your printer’s brand.

Connect the iPad to your Printer and Launch the application. The application will guide you through the setup process and How to connect your iPad to the printer.

Once connected, you can easily print from various apps using the manufacturer’s app.

Method 3 – Print Using Third-Party Apps

You can also add a Printer to your iPad using third-party printing apps that support your printer and iPad.

Find a Suitable Printing App by searching through the App Store. Some popular options include Printer Pro by Readdle and PrintCentral.

To print, follow the instructions to configure it with your printer. These apps often offer additional features for printing, such as page customization and advanced printing settings.

Method 4 – Google Cloud Print

If your printer is not directly compatible with AirPrint or other methods, you can use Google Cloud Print. First, ensure your printer is connected to a computer with Google Chrome installed and set up Google Cloud Print through Chrome’s settings.

To print, first, ensure you are signed in with the same Google account used for the Google Cloud Print setup. Open the document or content you want to print, tap ‘Share,’ and select ‘Print.’

Choose the printer set up with Google Cloud Print, and your document will print wirelessly.

Method 5 – USB Printing (For Some Printers)

Some printers support direct USB connections to iPads however first check Printer Compatibility before buying to verify if your printer model offers this functionality.

If your printer supports USB printing, you will need a Lightning to USB adapter and a USB printer cable.

Connect the adapter to your iPad and the printer cable to your printer.

Your iPad should recognize the printer. Open the document you want to print and use the Share option to print via the connected USB printer.


Using your iPad as a laptop replacement becomes even more powerful when you know how to add a printer and print effortlessly. 

Whether you have an AirPrint-compatible printer, use manufacturer apps, third-party printing apps, Google Cloud Print, or direct USB printing, these methods will empower you to print documents, photos, and more right from your iPad.

 Embrace the convenience and flexibility of iPad printing, making your transition from laptops to iPads seamless and efficient.