How To Make A Lyric Video For YouTube

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In this article, I will show you How to make a lyric Video For Youtube. Making a lyric video can be challenging especially if you want them to look crisp and professional.

I have therefore done 2 different methods you can use to achieve a great result whether you are a pro or beginner.

This guide is relevant if you want to make a lyric video for your new single, or just an entertaining intro for your YouTube channel, or maybe you want to make lyric videos on the side for Youtube. By the end, you will be able to make Professional level Lyric Videos.

Before getting to the tutorial here are some of the Best Lyric Video Creators for Hire as Freelancers.

Best Freelance Lyric Video Creators For Hire

How To Make A Lyric Video For Youtube Using After Effects

Adobe After Effects is one of the best software you can use to get it done. However, it is a premium software and you can only get it on a subscription basis. Fortunately, it is not too expensive. If you prefer a video tutorial, below is a detailed video guide on Youtube. You can also contact us if you have any questions or need the templates in this video.

Step By Step How To Make A Lyric Video In After Effects

After opening After Effects, go to File then New Composition then set the size to 1920 by 1080 pixels and 30 seconds. Set yours to the length of your song.

  1. Adding The Text And Animate It
  2. Add A Background For Your Lyric Video
  3. Add A Time Remapping To Your Lyric Video
  4. Add Music To Your Lyric Video
  5. Duplicate and delink Layer

Adding The Text And Animate It

Go to the text tool, then click once on the scene to type. Write the first line of the Lyrics. After this Choose a good font that you like.

You want the text to animate in, Pause then animate out for a single lyric of the song. To animate the text, go to Window, Effects, then Presets. Type 3D basic position preset and drag it to your text layer. You do not have to use the 3D basic position preset. You can use any text animation to animate text.

The text will automatically be animated. Pres U to view the keyframes for the animation. After this, Move the second keyframe to the 10th or 15th frame position. Go to Effects and presets then search Fade up words and drag to your text layer. Press U to see the keyframes. Move the keyframes to the first on the 2 seconds mark and the next on 2 seconds and 15 frames.

Our first animation stops working because of the Fade words effect. To solve this, Select the 2 keyframes and right-click Keyframe assistant, Time Revers. The final step is to make the animation fast as it starts and slow down as it finishes. to do this, Select all keyframes and easy ease by pressing F9. Now we have an animation in and out. Select the Layer and right-click precompose it. Label the layer to a name you can remember. Example Lyric 1

Add A Background For Your Lyric Video

Go to Layer, New solid, and leave the settings as default. Label the layer as Background and drag this layer to the bottom. Double-click lyric one layer to go into the composition you precomposed and labeled in the last step.

We do not need the full 30 seconds because our animation ends at 3 seconds long. To Trim, it clicks on the 3 seconds position and press N. Right-click at the top and trim comp to the work area. Go back to your main composition.

To add an image or video behind it, just drag it to the project file and put it above the Background Layer. Press S to scale.

Add A Time Remapping To Your Lyric Video

This is the most important part of this method. We want to use this text or Lyric one as our template.

Go to the frame where the text finishes animating in. Right Click, Go to Markers then add a marker. Right-click on the mark created and go to settings. I will name it to start.

Go to the position where the text starts animating out. Do the same but name this one End.

Now we have start and End Markers. If you are lost, you can go back to the video guide.

Let’s make the markers useful. Right-click the layer, Go to time and enable time remapping. Go to your start marker and add a keyframe then to your end marker and add a keyframe. After this, Alt Click on the clock on time remapping and paste the expression below.

T = thisLayer; if ((T.marker.numKeys > 1 ) && (numKeys > 3)){ sIn = key(2).time – key(1).time; sOut = key(4).time – key(3).time; eIn = T.marker.key(1).time; eOut = T.marker.key(2).time; if (time < T.marker.key(2).time) linear(time,eIn-sIn,eIn,key(1).value,key(2).value) else linear(time,eOut,eOut+sOut,key(3).value,key(4).value); }else value;

What this does, is it gives you the ability to adjust the speed of the animation in and out. When you move the start marker right, the animation comes in a little slower. Inversely when you move the end marker left, it stays for a shorter time and animates out faster.

Add Music To Your Lyric Video

Let’s add our song. Just drag and drop. Then drag it into the composition. Click L twice to view the waveform and make sure the audio is on to hear the song.

Duplicate and delink Layer

Go to where the first Lyric is and drag the Lyric layer. For the second Lyric, Control D or CMD D on a MAC to duplicate the layer.

When you change this layer it will affect the first Layer, so you need to delink them. Go to the project Section and duplicate the Lyric one composition again by Control D.

Replace Lyrics

With the new duplicated composition selected, Press control Alt Backslash. It will replace the second Lyric 1 layer with Lyric 2. Double-click Lyric 2 and text and edit with the second Lyric of the song.

If the audio stays longer than the animation, adjust using the start and end markers we created. Finally, Keep doing this for the whole song.

This method is a little complicated and needs you to follow a complicated process. The second method is an alternative you can use if this is not for you or you do not have the time.

How To Make A Lyric Video For Youtube Using Freelance Artists On Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace where freelancers can promote their services, including making lyrics and videos for music. We have previously shared some great Album cover designers and mix masters on the platform so we are confident that you will find a great artist.

Some experts are willing to give you a free trial for your first project. It’s a great place to find top-quality talent at affordable prices, so check out Fiverr right now and get started on your lyric video!

Davisvegas Animated Lyric Video

How To Make A Lyric Video
How To Make A Lyric Video

Davisvegas is an ambitious musical artist. He creates an amazing lyric video for any song that you want! The cost is competitive as they are affordable. They are professional and create anything that you ask of them.

Davisvegas creates amazing animated videos with a unique twist. His work is unique and original and the song will fit in well with the lyrics and the video.

This takes a lot of time and effort, but he does it with ease. He is highly skilled and experienced in creating lyric videos. He makes the clients happy with his work, and he is always looking to improve his skills with new projects.

What You Get

  • An upbeat video with your favorite lyrics
  • Upbeat and bright imagery that will leave an impact on your audience.
  • Logo and watermark inclusions in the video.
  • The lyrics and motion graphic video stays true to the video’s message and the artist’s goal.
  • A design that is unique and adds a global element to your video.
  • An all-around talented artist
  • Makes amazing lyric videos
  • Real professionals that go the extra mile

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