How to make your headphones louder

In this article, I will show you How to make your headphones louder. Is your sound volume at its max, yet your headphones do not project the same? And you are trying so hard to hear what your favorite podcaster is saying.

Sometimes your headphones could be inaudible yet they are not damaged. We are going to look out for ways to make your headphones louder with these tips. Then you can go back and enjoy music on your playlist or binge on your favorite TV series.

What steps can you take to make your headphones louder?

Whether you use headphones or earbuds, there are some crucial steps you can take to make sure you experience the best sound quality.

  1. Clean the headphones
  2. Check your device volume limit
  3. Boost volume using Apps
  4. Amplify the sound
  5. Get yourself some new Headphones

How to make your headphones louder

Clean the headphones

After a long day at work, what do you do when you get home? Chances are you will first soak in a hot bath before you can grab your favorite wine to unwind. This is exactly what your headphones might require after long use to make them louder. We are not saying you should soak them in a bath, no. Clean them so as to reinstate them to their original version.

This is the science behind the need for cleaning. As soon as you put on your headphones, you are altering the ear canal heat. This in turn leads to an overproduction of wax and oil. When the wax and oil hit your headphone, they tend to block the mesh screens.

This results to sound fading off by the headphones. In some cases, the headphones disconnect from the source on their own. It is for that reason that frequent cleaning reduces the build-up of wax as well as prevents dust. It also protects the ear from possible bacterial ear infections.

Cleaning earphones can be daunting because they risk breakage and need specialized handling with care. However, you can do it easily using hydrogen peroxide or soapy water. You might also need a cleaning cloth, an unused toothbrush, and some paper towels to dry it up.

Please read the manual, and check on the steps to clean the headphones. If you cannot find the manual, here’s a simple process on how to clean the headphones.

Start with the ear tips

Begin by removing the ear tips. These are the spongy things on headphones. Proceed to soak tips in warm soapy water. Do not exceed five minutes, as they soak, use some cotton to clean the inner parts of the headphone. This is to remove any stuck wax or oil. Thereafter, grab the hydrogen peroxide, clean the headphones softly, and then leave them to dry.

Clean the mesh area

Pick the headphones, and let the mesh face you. Using the unused toothbrush, gently stroke the mesh screens to and from. To remove any unwanted matter from them. Next, dampen the clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide/hand wash/alcohol and clean the earbuds. Do not overdo it. After that grab a dry cloth or paper towel to remove the wetness. 

Please note you are supposed to soak the clothes and not the earbuds.

Put the parts all together

When the mesh wire and earbuds dry. Put them all back together. Now that your headphones are all clean, you will notice a change in the sound it emits, it will be louder and clearer.

Check your device volume limit

Sometimes it’s not your headphones that have a problem, You might be too busy to note your device has a volume limit.  A volume limit is an amount of sound that is safe for your ears. Different countries have different volume limits.

In Europe for instance, the device limit is limited to 85 decibels while in the US, the limit stands at 120 decibels. This doesn’t mean you can’t listen to higher volumes, the limitations are just for health purposes. Even when the warning bar pops up, you can still ignore it and add volume. And your headphones will be louder.

Boost volume using Apps

If options one and two do not work, probably we should get into option three. Volume boosting apps. These apps are available for usage on Windows, iPhone, and even android devices and they have the ability to change your output on the headphones.

You can check out the most popular volume-boosting apps and pick the one that’s perfect for your device and makes a difference over the headphones.

Amplify the sound

Normally, if you would want to add sound to your speaker use an amplifier. The same concept works with headphones. They can be paired with headphones amplifiers.

Amplifiers do not come with just increased sounds, they also drag along better quality and superb clarity of the sound emitted. The amplifier will be powered by the source device, sufficient enough to make your headphones louder. Amplifiers work best on larger ear over-the-ear types of headphones, and you might not benefit if you are using in-ear earbuds and headphones.

Get yourself some new Headphones

If the above tips do not work, and your headphones are not loud enough. It is in your best interest that you should get new headphones. Shopping for a new pair can be a whole task. But as you do so, consider features that aim to provide louder sound.

Through a reduction of background noise. Maybe in your choice, you could go for a closed cup or over-ear headphones. This locks out external noises. The downside of this is, it could bring disaster if you cannot hear things happening around you. Then that loud sound, within your ear, could cause hearing damage if you use it continuously.

Bottom line is that headphones need extra care if you want them to serve you for longer. Take care of them, with the above tips and you will be able to get more out of them.

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