How to measure a tablets screen Size

In this article I will show you How to measure a tablets screen Size. When using a tablet the size of the viewing or working area matters a lot. For example if you are watching movies or drawing, a large screen is preferable.

If you are however using your tablet for reading or need a portable device that you can fit in a bag, then a smaller screen is better than a larger bulkier one.

As a digital artist, I personally prefer a larger screen over small ones. It provides me with a better, more comfortable user experience.

Methods How To Measure a Tablets Screen Size

  1. Check online for the size
  2. Go to the settings and check
  3. Use a ruler or tape measure

Use a ruler to measure

If you have already bought the tablet or own one, you can find out the size by using a ruler to measure it.

You want to measure the length, width and thickness of the tablet. To do this just place the tablet on a table and place the ruler along the length, width and thickness then take the reading.

This will show the overall size of the tablet. For the screen size, place the tape measure or ruler across the diagonal area of the tablet from corner to corner. This is the size that will be on most reviews or online stores.

Go to the settings and check

Alternatively, you can check your tablet size by checking its info on the settings.  Simply go to settings and choose the option.

All the specifications about your device including screen and tablet sizes plus weight will appear.

Check online for the size

One of the easiest ways to know a tablet’s size is by checking online. You can randomly Google the tablet you want to check and it will come up.

However, for detailed and unbiased information about the tablet including the size, i recommend sites dedicated to provide information of this nature about tablets. 

A good example is  this site where a seasoned professional and user of tablets as digital art tools shares his opinion and recommendation.

To get the information, just go to the sidebar on this article and type the name of the tablet you are looking for. Different reviews and information appears, click on one.

What to consider when choosing a tablet Screen

There are a number of things you need to have in mind when choosing a tablet screen. 

Most of the factors to consider revolve around how you intend to use your tablet. Others are about the strength, durability and overall clarity of the screen.


If you intend to move around from your office to use your tablet, you need to consider how portable the tablet is. A large tablet is more difficult to move around with than a small one.

A small one is however crammed and uncomfortable to use. You need to balance between portability and user experience when choosing the size.

If you need a portable tablet, you need to consider dependency to a computer connection to use. You need a tablet that can be used without having to connect your computer if you intend to go fully portable.

Check the overall weight of the tablet from the specifications. This will help you know whether it is a comfortable weight that you are ok carrying around.

10 to 12 inch screen sizes are considered to be a good workable size and at the same time easily portable.

Laminated vs Non Laminated Screens

If you are a regular tablet user you must have come across these 2 terms. What do they mean? 

A screen is made up of 3 layers. A top, middle and bottom layer. A fully laminated screen has these 3 layers fused together without spaces in between to form one.

Non laminated screens on the other hand have these layers separate with an air space between them. Having spaces in between will result in formation of air bubbles that reduce the clarity.

A fully laminated screen is therefore better than a Non Laminated one.


The perfect size of a tablet screen is determined a lot by how you intend to use it. Large screen tablets are great for gaming, drawing, video editing and watching movies. A smaller tablet is better for reading or writing.

If you are wondering how to know the size of your tablet or screen size the steps are easy to follow. You can Use a ruler or check settings if you have the tablet or Check online for the size if you do not.