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Huion Kamvas Studio 22 vs Wacom Mobile Studio Pro in 2023

Huion Kamvas Studio 22 and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro are some of the very few drawing tablets that do not need a computer connected to use.

They are independent since they comprise an inbuilt computer and a screen. Drawing Tablets with a Screen on the other hand have a screen but are partly dependent on a computer due to the lack of an internal computer system. A good example is Wacom Cintiq 22 and Huion Kamvas 22.

Huion and Wacom have over the years taken over the drawing tablets industries. The market target approach of the two varies with Huion concentrating on producing budget-friendly tablets.

Wacom on the other hand maintains a classy approach with the production of the industry’s best pen to their name.

This has made bigger and more established companies like Samsung approach them. In this article, we shall compare three products from the two companies; the Huion Kamvas Studio 22 vs the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 vs the Wacom Mobile studio Pro16.

When it comes to drawing tablets, it is worth mentioning the three categories that fall under the title. 

Huion has produced a series of Drawing tablets and Drawing tablets with a screen for the longest time. Finally, they produced one quality standalone tablet at a budget-friendly price with great features that were worth the wait. This is the Huion Kamvas Studio 22.  

In 2022, Huion released 2 new Pen computer tablets to serve a wider growing market. These are Kamvas Studio 16 and Kamvas Studio 24. This led to removal of the Kamvas Studio 22 from their store. We are not sure whether this is permanent or for a while.

Huion Kamvas Studio 22 Review

  • Screen size: 21.5 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • RAM: 8GB/16GB(DDR4)
  • Storage: 120G/240G SSD+1TB HDD
  • Shortcuts: 20 press keys
  • Pen: PW500 with 5080 LPI resolution and 8192 Pressure Sensitivity levels
  • Tilt Support:±60°

The Huion Kamvas Studio 22 is an impressive 21.5-inch-sized tablet. Being the first standalone tablet Huion produced, the features are quite lovely in contrast with its cheap price.

When it comes to the screen, the details are attained courtesy of 1920 by 1080 pixels of screen resolution. These allow the production of a 178%  viewing angle making your display accurate and on point. 

Additionally, the ability to accurately identify 16.7 million colors enables a clear representation of colors for a stunning visual effect

Harboring various screen technologies enables the screen to provide you with better service. The etched anti-glare glass offers quite a natural experience with a reduction of transparency for a paper-like experience.

Having the screen fully laminated on the other hand eliminates parallax that occurs on the cursor

Enjoy working your designs with accurate strokes brought about by the comfortable PW500. The battery-free stylus offers you 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity for an old-school pen-to-paper feel.

With the ability to support 60 degrees tilt function; you can discover brush effects for a more efficient and productive work rate.

Being a pen computer tablet, the Huion Kamvas Studio 22 has an inbuilt computer system. Embedded powerful Intel Core i5-8400 processor runs the tablet with utmost efficiency allowing the installation of programs and software.

One of the considerations the Huion Company made is making a well-ventilated build. The cooling system makes sure the tablet doesn’t overheat and in turn, enables the processors to be more efficient.

 Furthermore, a RAM of 8GB/16GB enhances efficiency and also makes it possible to run multiple programs without slagging.

Internal storage on the other hand is enormous. Two drives, 1TB HDD and 120GB SSD ensure the user can store large tracks of files and documents.

The tablet is further user-friendly brought about by programmable press keys symmetrically aligned on both sides. This enhances productivity and allows both left and right-handed users to use it comfortably.

Connecting to other devices is quite easy as you are only required to have a USB-C cable for the computer and either an HDMI or VGA cable for external display.


  • High-level pen pressure sensitivity.
  • Powerful processor and high RAM for efficiency
  • User-friendly
  • Large internal size
  • Budget-friendly


  • Large size build may be a mobility problem

Best Wacom Drawing Tablets No Computer

Wacom has over the years made some pretty impressive pen computer tablets but the part that challenges most buyers is the fact that the price is quite high.

The products we are going to feature from Wacom are the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 vs Wacom Mobile Studio Pro16

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13

  • Screen size: 13 inches
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 Pixels
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 512 GB
  • Shortcuts: 20 press keys
  • Pen:  Wacom Pro Pen 2 and
  • 8 192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Tilt Support:±60°
  • Weight: 1435 g
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m
  • Viewing Angle: 170 degrees
  • Battery Life: 5.5 hours and 3 hours charging

The slim Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 is a small-sized standalone tablet with a diagonal size of 13 inches.

With a small size and a slim build, the tablet is both portable and lightweight to carry around and even design on the go.

Wacom is best known for its quality stylus production and the Wacom Pro Pen 2 does not disappoint. Offering a pen pressure sensitivity of 8192, the user is offered an unerring accuracy with a top-of-the-class experience.

The pen further supports the tilt function offering you unlimited brush capabilities when you tilt the pen. Ideally, you can purchase the Wacom Pro Pen3D and use it with Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 for full navigational control in 3D.

Your display plays a big part in the designs you make. You cannot expect to produce great designs if your visuals are not on par.

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 exhibits a quality 2560 by 1440 screen resolution with a color accuracy of 80% Adobe RGB. This produces a dazzling display with top-notch color accuracy.

Apart from a beautiful display, the screen feels great due to an etched surface that provides a natural pen-to-paper feel. Additional multi-touch gestures make your design work easy due to the zooming and rotating capabilities.


When efficiency is considered, the tablet’s Intel Core i7 processor offers a slugless experience further made better by 16GB RAM. You can feel free to open up multiple programs and rest assured they’ll run quite efficiently.

Additionally, for those of you venturing into the 3D and 2D world, working with this tablet is great and the Intel Iris 550 works your graphics efficiently.

Working in the designing world, your designs mean a lot to you, and no one would wish to lose their signature works. A 512GB internal storage is quite large, and it ensures you keep a track of your files with no need to delete files to accommodate new files.


  • High-level screen resolution.
  • Top-of-the-market stylus
  • Powerful efficient processors
  • High RAM levels


  • The small working area may be a problem for most designers

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16

  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Pixels
  • Storage: 512 GB + 2 TB upgradable slot
  • Weight: 2100 g
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m minimum and 310 cd/m
  • Viewing Angle: 176 degrees
  • Battery Life: 5.5 hours and 3 hours charging


The three featured tablets are all unique in their way. The Huion Kamvas Studio 22 is a great budget deal but is quite large for portability and mobility.

Wacom’s Mobile Studio Pro 13 on the other hand is small-sized and lightweight for easy movement but might have a small working space.

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16 is left to top the list but the budget may challenge most buyers. Ideally, with the breakdown above you surely choose the one that serves you best.