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Why Is There No Calculator on iPad?

A calculator is a very common application even in very traditional and simpler mobile phones. One unusual thing that you will notice especially if it is your first time to use or own an iPad, you will notice the lack of a calculator.

Why is there no calculator on iPads and how can you solve this? The most reasonable reason there is no calculator is that iPads are premium level devices with high performance specs. For this reason they are more expensive than most other tablets.

With this in mind, Apple has not yet found a good enough premium level calculator design that can go well with their premium features on iPads. They therefore opt to leave them out for now.

To confirm this, it is important to note that original iPad versions did come with calculators. However the Apple team including founder Steve Jobs did not like the rigid design and pulled it out.

Steve Jobs felt that the iPad needed to have a unique type of calculator designed and tasked the software developers to scrap what they had and create a design that matched up to the tablet’s quality.

However, time had so much lapsed and the design could not be developed in a few weeks to the launch so it was scrapped. Since then, they chose to go without the calculator and there seems to be no signs of creating one.

How Can you Get Calculator App On iPad

There is no native calculator application for iPad. However, there are a number of ways you can use it to perform calculations.

Ask Siri

The first way you can have calculations done on your iPad is by asking its inbuilt Artificial Intelligence system (Siri). Just use a voice prompt, for example. Hey Siri, what is 20 x 8? Siri will give you an answer to the sum.

Third Party Calculators for Apple iPad

After waiting too long for the premium designed iPad calculator, consumers got tired and decided to settle for alternatives to use in the meantime as they continued to wait.

Calcbot 2 is by far one of the best ones available and is very cheap too. You will be able to perform basic calculations and conversion units too.

Although the calculator is not available on iPads, you still have lots of options you can opt for and still get the best from your iPad.

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