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3 Methods How To Stop iPad From Going To Sleep

Automatic sleep on iPads can be very annoying especially if it is recurrent. When not controlled correctly, it can totally result in an overall poor user experience.

In this article, I will show you How To Stop iPad From Going To Sleep. We will help you get rid of interruptions by slipping into sleep mode and keep the iPad awake all through your workflow. Here is how to do it.

How To Stop your iPad From Going To Sleep

  1. Change Software Auto Updates
  2. Check your iPad Power Controls
  3. Change your iPad Auto lock Function

Method 1: Software Auto Updates

Modern iPads, laptops and tablets are set to automatically update their operating software without necessarily requesting permission to update.

This automatic update can be very interruptive to your workflow because once it starts updating, you can not use your tablet until it finishes the updates.

Having control over the software update process on your iPad will help you avoid sleep mode on your iPad due to updates. Here is How to disable it.

Stop iPad From Going To Sleep

On your iPad, go to Settings>application and choose General. Choose Software update and choose Automatic Updates.

After that toggle off to disable Auto updates. You can also download available iOS updates from here.

  1. Go to Settings>application>General
  2. Choose Software update then Automatic Updates
  3. Toggle off to disable Auto updates

Method 2: iPad Power Controls to Stop iPad From Going To Sleep

Another common reason your iPad may go to sleep as you use it is running out of power. Although it has a long battery life, at a point in time, you will have to charge your iPad.

Always make sure you have enough charge as you use your iPad. To power your iPad, you can either use Wired or Wireless charging alternatives.

Wired vs Wireless iPad charging

Wired charging is simple and straightforward. You just have to connect the cable on your iPad and the other end to your power source. If it is at the correct voltage for your iPad, it starts charging.

Wireless charging is a little more complicated than wired. The iPad does not come with wireless charging capabilities in its native form or from the box.

To use an iPads wireless charging option, you need to combine it with  Pitaka’s MagEZ Case Pro to charge wirelessly. Charging wirelessly will allow you to charge the iPad as you use it after it gets some substantial basic charge.

As the iPad is wirelessly charged, it also charges your Apple Pencil and Magic keyboard at the same time.

Method 3: iPad Auto lock Function

You can set your iPad, just like your phone to automatically lock and sleep if not in use for a certain period of time. It can be useful to conserve power but can be sometimes annoying.

To stop your iPad from sleeping, you can turn the auto lock option off. To do this go to Settings>Application and select Display and brightness. Choose Auto-Lock and choose Never option for Auto-lock. After this your iPad will not auto-lock.

iPad Auto lock Function

Can my iPad break because of not sleeping?

Not letting your iPad sleep may not break your iPad but can cause some functionality problems.

For example, your iPad battery will drain faster because it is not conserved by auto sleep or auto lock. 

Long power hours will reduce the overall lifespan of your battery and need replacement sooner. Additionally, your screen and tablet will overheat and can result in technical issues and poor performance.

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  1. Why Do iPad Screens Keep Turning Off?

    One of the reasons can be low power. Try charging your iPad. If not, then the other reason may be that the screen Auto lock is not turned off.

  2. How do I Stop iPad Automatic updates?

    Go to Settings>application>General
    Choose Software update then Automatic Updates
    Toggle off to disable Auto updates