Top iPad Accessories for Artists and Graphic designers

What are the Top iPad Accessories for Artists and Graphic Designers? Apple has a unique way of making you want more, even after you have bought yourself an iPad.

Whether it’s a cool case, keyboard, Pencil, cables or adapters, they have a full kit to enhance your experience. It can be quite a challenge to know which ones to go for first especially when you’re new to the brand.

That is why we present you with a guide to help you know the Top iPad Accessories for Graphic designers.

In order to make this list, let’s ask ourselves, what can a graphic designer be looking for? Well, to start with a better drawing experience. This is brought about by various accessories.

What are the Top iPad Accessories for Artists

Pencil and Brushes

The stylus is a key element in making drawing tablets and iPads effective for artists and designers. It can be quite a task to separate an artist from his gadget when the stylus is perfect in producing perfect strokes.

Although most iPads work quite well with the stylus they come with, like the Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd generations, there are other styluses that are quite a catch.

Pencil by 53

Take for example the Pencil by 53. It has a wooden traditional pencil feel and look to it that is far more comfortable than your ordinary pencil and pen if you are not on the Apple side of the world.

It could be the resemblance of my nursery drawing start up pencil but i can go on for hours with this pencil.

Compatible with iPad 3+, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPhone 4S and above, you can be able to use it more with multiple Apple products.

When it comes to drawing, the tip is designed to go for all stroke sizes without any settings. The strokes are further accurate and on point unveiling an authentic and   natural experience.

Additionally, it is one of a kind since it is a bluetooth device that doesn’t require a bluetooth connection.

Logitech Crayon

An alternative stylus that can also be a great addition to your armor is the Logitech Crayon It has a lovely pressure sensitivity level and low latency.

However,  it is not suitable for professional use, due to its thick nature.

Adonit Jot Pro 3

When it comes to note taking, the Adonit Jot Pro 3 is remarkable courtesy of its 1.9 mm pressure sensitive tip. This ensures your unique handwriting is maintained with a 20hr battery life after a full charge.

Additional nibs come in handy for replacement, so jot down those notes without a worry of the nibs wearing out.

Sensu Artist Brush

If you’re looking for more control on the brushes and save a little time on the brushing and painting, theywill come in handy.

The synthetic fiber brush is made just for this, with a light brush stroke registration that allows different levels of pressure sensitivity.

Display and Positioning

Another thing a graphic design may need to enhance productivity is a comfortable setting of the iPad.

Drawing horizontally not only forces you to bend in order to draw but also sets your visual positions awkwardly.

An angle to your display gives you a comfortable satisfaction and a number of accessories are capable of just that.

Magnus by Ten One Design

The sleek designed Magnus by Ten One design is a one of a kind handcrafted stand build for high-end workspaces.

Once attached, it’s hard to tell there is a stand courtesy of the magnetic technology applied. The stand uses a strong magnetic link to the ipad making it look like the stand is fit to your desk.

BookArc by Twelve South

The BookArc by Twelve South is another cool stand that will transform your desk for a more premium look.

It allows both portrait and landscape modes for easy plugin power and connection to ports.

One setback though is it is not easily portable, but would quite and an addition to your desk.

Best Keyboard for iPad

A keyboard is another essential part of a professional designer as you are able to type and send emails easily unlike typing on the touchscreen keyboard app.

Additionally, attachable keyboards give your ipad a laptop type of service in an easy and portable way. Let’s take a look at some of the accessories you are offered.

Incipio Clamcase Pro

The Clamcase Pro is a cool keyboard that serves its typing purposes with an additional stand functionality.

This is made possible by 360 degree hinges that enable the ipad to be well positioned for more comfort.

Touchfire Keyboard

The touchfire keyboard on the other hand is placed on the surface of the tablet. This is for those people who prefer a tactile keyboard instead of the hassle of the highly priced keyboards.

The 3D keys stick to the iPad courtesy of a magnetic connection and the lovely transparent build is quite nice to look at.

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