Vankyo X200 Earbuds Honest Review

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In this Vankyo X200 Review, we will look at Vankyo X200 earbuds as the best option for people with small ears. The Vankyo X200 are Wireless Earbuds that transform your audio experience to the next level, courtesy of the quality features it exhibits.

Vankyo X200 Review Specifications

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  • Size: 1″ x 1″ x 0.71 “
  • Battery: 3500mAh (portable charging case)
  • Play Time: 5 to 7 for music and talking and up to 120 hours with the charging case,
  • Wireless Connection
  • In-built Mic
  • Silicone Tips
  • Nice powerful Base
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Vankyo X200 Review As Best Sports Earbuds For Small Ears

First of all, they have a comfortable design that enables them to sit on your ear comfortably without falling off. When combined with a lightweight build and a slight protrusion, they settle perfectly on your ear for less fatigue.

If you love a full audio experience, the Vankyo X200 features a passive cancellation system that kills the exterior sound.

An important part of the x200 is the wireless features brought about by the latest Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. An upgrade of the 4.2 version, the 5.0 protocol is faster, more stable, and allows higher bitrates for your music.

One slight con is a signal range of 33 feet which sounds less compared to its competitors. However, you can grab a glass of water away from your device without connection loss.

The Vankyo X200 has the highest level of water resistance with an iconic rating of  IPX8. This means that the earbuds can survive up to 30 minutes submerged under 3 feet depth of water.

If you accidentally drop them in a pool, you have enough time to retrieve them intact and functional. Moreover, they have a 2-year warranty, one of the best earbud warranties in the market, in which you are certainly well taken care of in case of any issues.

Sound production is the main factor when earbuds and earphones are concerned and the X200 does not disappoint.

Behind each earbud are soft-touch buttons used to play, pause, skip tracks and additionally pick and end phone calls.

This enhances the quality and with an incorporation of a fine seal, the earbuds achieve a fine sound production for a boost in the music experience.

When other earbuds feature 7mm diameter drivers, the X200 additional 1mm to make 8mm allows additional clarity and separation, specifically on the low-end spectrum.

When call clarity is concerned, you communicate clearly on the earbuds, however, the background noise will slightly be turned off. You can additionally receive and make calls through voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant.

Sadly, the X200 does not support single-bud compatibility like the likes of Strauss and Wagner SW-TW401 earbuds.

Most earbuds have powerful sound and design features but fall short in storing power since they are chargeable. This results in short playtime hours both for the buds and the case.

The X200 takes care of this by the case holding a total charge of 3500mAh, a fairly lovely feature for a small case. In turn, the case offers multiple charging sessions of up to 120hrs.

The buds on the other hand allow playtime of up to 7 hrs per charging session and a talk time of up to 5hrs. Additionally, the case charging system is fast enough to charge an hour’s worth of charge for only 10 minutes. If you do the math, an hour’s charge can fill the buds with the 7hr full charge.

This however depends on volume, bitrate, and also the ambient temperature. The case charges using a Micro USB and in about 2 hrs you are good to go.

They fully make you get over the wired earphones with all the tangling and limited signal range.

Additionally, the earbuds come at an affordable price in comparison to the quality features they hold.

Vankyo X200 Review Pros And Cons


  • Affordable
  • Quality build
  • Comfortable design
  • Quality sound production
  • Efficient ANC
  • Efficient Bluetooth version
  • High-level water resistance


  • Small earbud batteries
  • Does feature a single-channel connection

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