Wacom Cintiq 22 vs Huion Kamvas 22 (Plus) Comparison

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As a follow-up to our Wacom vs Huion article, we have compared 3 great tablets from the 2 brands. Wacom Cintiq 22 vs Huion Kamvas 22 vs Huion Kamvas 22 (Plus) Comparison

Over many years in the past, Wacom had dominated the drawing tablet industry. In later years, however, Huion has come up as a top contender with affordable and high-quality drawing tablets that work almost equally as well as Wacom Tablets at a fraction of the price.

A drawing tablet comes in handy for a digital artist especially when it comes to enhancing simplicity, faster productivity, and ease. Different brands have come forward to produce tablets to serve these purposes but the more the products, the more complicated it is for a digital artist to choose the one that serves them best.

Wacom and Huion are one of the best-rated producers and although together they top the list, their approach is quite diverse, targeting different types of designers.

Wacom has expertise in quality Stylus and has been able to bag deals from bigger famous companies like Samsung. Under the display is an EMR sensor that generates an electromagnetic field powering the pen for a comfortable feel and precision.

Huion on the other hand produces quality drawing tablets at budget-friendly prices compared to Wacom products. The display, pen, and accessories are of great quality in comparison to the price giving beginners, amateurs, and professional artists top-class tablets at affordable prices.

In this segment, we review three products from the two brands and hope we will help you pick one that will help be best for you. Having a number of similar features, many may face difficulties selecting their personal best.

These tablets are the Wacom Cintiq 22, the Huion Kamvas 22, and the Huion Kamvas 22+.

Wacom Cintiq 22

The Wacom Cintiq 22 is a 21.5-inch screen-sized drawing tablet with a lot of impressive features. Apart from having one of the best pens, Wacom has also embedded a number of great features in the Cintiq22.

Wacom Cintiq 22 Pen

As stated before, Wacom is an expert in producing professional comfortable Stylus which most believe is the most important feature for designers.

The Wacom Pen 2 is quite impressive when it comes to line depth and precision which is made better by 60 degrees tilt function support.

Additional made accurate by an 8192 pen pressure sensitivity level. A 22ms response rate further makes the experience canvas-like reducing lags and enhancing productivity. Adding to that is a thin plastic layer that is quite effective to avoid the stylus from sliding. In so doing the pen stops exactly where you need it to be.

Screen and Display

A 21.5-inch screen creates a large working area for a digital artist and with an adjustable stand (180 degrees right or left and 10 to 65 degrees incline rotation), you are offered comfortable working conditions and positions.

The display is magical and high definition due to 1920 by 1080 levels of screen resolution creating a high-definition display. Exhibiting a 96% RGB color-accuracy level, the Cintiq 22 screen increases color palettes making it brighter than most drawing tablets which contain a 90% RGB level.

Additional technologies like the antiglare tech reduce parallax plus screen transparency while the multi-touch technology help in

Additional features and accessories

Connection to a network is made possible by an enabled Wi-Fi while connected to a computer and other devices are easily made by a USB-C type cable.

It’s quite a hustle ordering a pen nib especially if you don’t need to purchase anything else. The Wacom Cintiq 22 counters this by offering 3 feet, 6 standards, and 1 stroke replacement nibs.

One feature that separates the Wacom Cintiq 22 from the other two tables in this segment is a 17-programmable Express key remote. The only problem is it’s purchased separately from the tablet but to a professional designer, a few more dollars are worth this feature.

Huion Kamvas 22 Review

Wacom has great products but where Huion takes advantage is the production of the almost same quality with a fair bargain on the price. The Huion Kamvas 22 is one of the best well-featured drawing tablets you can get at a budget-friendly price.

Huion Kamvas 22 Stylus Pen

The PW517 is a stylus powered by pen-tech3.0 technology with a stable pen nib brought about by a lowered magnetic core. This makes the pen comfortable and easy to use.  being able to support a 60-degree tilt function comes in handy when it comes to precision and accuracy.

Additionally, 8192 pen pressure sensitivity levels create a lively experience giving you a pen-paper feel when designing therefore enhancing your artistic instincts.


Quality visual is very important for an artist for every line and color should be well visible to avoid an end result that the designer never envisioned. The Huion Kamvas 22 has a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 and an additional contrast of 1000:1 you are offered just that.

Additionally, a color accuracy of 120% adds on to bring a brighter display. Furthermore, a thick plastic screen cover gives you control of your work since there it reduces the sliding of the pen. An anti-glare technology is responsible for eliminating transparency and light bounce for a clear view.

Additional Features and Accessories

The Huion Kamvas 22 connection to a computer is made possible by a 3-in-1 cable or you can use a USB-C connection which is as easy and efficient. Another USB-A port is present for connection to a mouse, keyboard, flash disk, or any USB-A connectable device.

A special connection between the Huion tablet and an android device is possible as long as the device supports USB3.1 GEN1 data transfer protocol or DP1.

Huion Kamvas 22 Plus

The Canvas 22+’s price is a steal compared to the features this tablet brings to the table. Like the other two competitors, the screen size in this tablet is an amazing 21.5 inches The tablet is compatible with Windows 7,8, and 10, macOS 10.10 and above, and Chromebook with program compatibility for most design programs. 

Huion Kamvas 22 Plus Pen

Like the regular Kamvas 22 the, tablet operates with a Huion pen-tech 3.0 PW517 battery-free stylus with tilt function support accompanied by a pressure sensitivity level of 8192 and report rate of 14ms, the pen experience is impressive, and precise and offers an on-the-mark result.

Additionally, having a short nib reduces bounce back for a stable, comfortable feel to it.


Full-laminated QD LCD and a 1080 HD resolution ensure your display are clear and colors are well represented. Additionally made better by a 1:1200 color depth ratio. Unlike Wacom Cintiq 22 and Huion 22 tablets, which use a plastic cover to reduce the pen sliding error, the Kamvas 22+ is covered by more effective etched glass.

When it comes to color accuracy, having an etched glass screen cover blows the levels to an amazing 140%. Although a drawing tablet is mostly used indoors, a little brightness never hurt anyone. The Huion Kamvas 22 Plus screen is further powered by a protective Quantum Dot technology which ensures your eyes are protected from harmful blue ray light.

Additional features and accessories

Connection to a computer is quite easy since you can either use a 3-in-1 cable or a USB-C connection. A USB-A is also present for connection to a mouse, keyboard, or external devices.

The tablet is compatible with Windows 7 ,8, and 10, macOS 10.10 and above, and Chromebook with program compatibility for most design programs. 

Additionally, you can use your Kamvas 22+ with your android device as long as it supports USB 3.1 or DP1,


Comparing and separating the three is quite some work since almost all features are the same or quite close. All the same, the Wacom Pen 2 steals the price for best stylus no doubt, but when it comes to screen display, the Kamvas 22 is quite bright made better by high contrast and color-accuracy levels.

Additionally, the Cintiq 22 and the Kamvas 22 use a plastic cover which is quite effective but the etched glass cover used by the Kamvas 22 is far much better in keeping the designer in control of the pen and protecting the screen from scratches.

When it comes to the budget, the Wacom is almost double priced and that may be a problem to most amateur and even professional designers.

Something else worth mentioning is that the three tablets fall under Drawing tablets with a screen and therefore require a computer since they lack an inbuilt operating system. Either way, with all of them having a 21.5-inch screen size, they would be quite large for portability and mobility.

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