Wacom vs Huion; which is right for you in 2023

Having trouble choosing which Drawing Tablet to buy between Wacom vs Huion Drawing Tablets? We shall highlight what you can expect from the two brands, helping you understand them better for your preference.

This shall include budget range, build, display features, pros, and cons as well as our verdict.

Wacom vs Huion

Wacom was once the lone drawing tablet producer and as other companies joined in so did Huion. This not only gave Wacom the production experience but also provided them a name in the market.

The other companies on the other hand gained a lot by learning from Wacom’s mistakes and brought in tablets that run Wacom for their money.

One of the strategies Huion came up with was affordability. What comes to mind when one product is affordable when compared is poor quality. Huion has put in work in making their high-end products match the quality in build at affordable prices.

Wacom countered this by releasing their end-range tablets, at extremely cheap prices for beginners and low-budget artists

Wacom vs Huion Build and Design

When it comes to the build and design, both companies are quite basic in their style.

For instance, when we take a look at the 22-inch size tablets from the companies, both the Wacom Cintiq 22 and the Kamvas 22 Plus the front view is mostly screen.

This is quite different from other tablets from other companies since other companies prefer to add function buttons. Take the XP pen Artist 22 Pro for example, which comes with 8 buttons.

Wacom prefers a buttonless screen but makes up for the need with a 17-customizable button Express key.

Huion on the other hand lacks this counter feature but it’s quite easy to navigate the tablet if you connect to an Android device.

Positioning the tablet helps you achieve a comfortable workspace and that is exactly why both the Wacom Cintiq 22 and the Kamvas 22 Plus come with adjustable stands.

The Cintiq 22 stand offers more flexibility with the angle adjustability ranging from 16 to 82 degrees. The Kamvas 22 Plus stand on the other hand is slightly less ranging between 20 to 80 degrees.

Lastly on the build and design, is the weight. The Huion Kamvas 22 Plus weighs an easier-to-carry 3.9 kg with the stand included. As for the Wacom Cintiq 22, portability is more hectic courtesy of a 5.9 kg weight with a stand included.

The 2kg difference is quite a difference considering the artists who go to the office and back with the drawing tablet.

Wacom vs Huion; Screen and Display

This part falls for two of the three types of Drawing tablets, monitor tablets, and standalone tablets.

The Huion Kamvas series are quite rated when it comes to color reproduction and richness. Comparing the Huion Kamvas 22 Plus’ color production features to the Wacom Cintiq 22 says it all.

The Kamvas 22 Plus boasts an impressive color gamut of 140% sRGB which ensures your colors are richer and well-defined. This is courtesy of the new Quantum Dot technology that enables the tablet to provide a 1:1200 contrast ratio.

When it comes to the Wacom Cintiq 22, you are offered a color gamut of only 99% sRGB meaning less color production as compared to the Kamvas 22 Plus.

A similar case applies to the smaller versions as the Kamvas 16 produces a stunning 120% sRGB as compared to Wacom Cintiq 16’s 96% sRGB color gamut.

Screen features are similar across the two as both make their products with matte and anti-glare screens that help the tablet even in the brightest of conditions.

Wacom vs Huion; Stylus Pen

Huion may have an advantage when it comes to the screen but it is quite obvious Wacom takes the Stylus.

The Wacom Pro Pen 2 is for some time considered the best in the market and with this expertise, Wacom has been called upon by other companies to incorporate this knowledge.

Huion however cannot be ruled out, as they have also improved in this field with styluses like the Huion PW517.

Similar feature levels with the Wacom Pro pen make it a likely competitor.

When it comes to pen pressure sensitivity, both pen’s come with the market’s best 8192 levels and are impressively key to detail and making them great on paper.

Additional tilt function support enhances your brush effect, a feature some of the high-end ignore.

With all this said and done, Wacom takes this round as it’s the best, not only against Huion but in the market at large.

Wacom vs Huion; Performance

A drawing tablet’s performance is measured mainly on the pen-screen interaction. The feeling when drawing should also be comfortable and well-conditioned. Not too smooth to feel like you drawing on grass, yet not too rough, just in between.

Wacom concentrates on perfecting the screen surface texture, and by this, your pen flow on the surface feels quite nice and enjoyable. Huion products are not that far but not as Wacom.

Lastly, both companies have put in work to minimize parallax making users a lovely experience.

Wacom vs Huion; Budget

This is Huion’s strongest point and what shocks me most is they produce quality at budget-free prices. Being able to acquire a quality drawing tablet at just under $100 is quite a steal. This includes the Huion H610 Pro V2 and if you need a cheaper one, you can go for the Huion H640P, the Huion 1060 Plus, or the Huion Inspiroy Q11K wireless.

Wacom tablets are quite expensive compared to Huion, but most people bi look at this and claim a more premium feel Huion targets a broad market by offering a variety of budget options.

Wacom vs Huion; Verdict

It is quite tough separating the two, but according to our review structure, we shall break them down for the ultimate verdict.

Wacom has taken over when it comes to Stylus and performance while Huion has focused on on-screen display and budget.

Where Huion sets the two apart is their wide range of tablets, with different qualities, and budgets, for all types of users in the market.

However, it sometimes falls to user preference and specific gadgets.

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