What Are The Sizes Of iPads? iPad Dimensions to buy.

What are the sizes of iPads? iPads are diverse and come in many different sizes and dimensions. The very many versions can make it difficult for users to choose the one that will perfectly meet their needs.

Additionally, understanding the various dimensions, sizes, and features will help you make an informed decision that is geared toward the best user experience for you.

This article will be useful to you whether you prefer an iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, or a regular iPad. We will explain the sizes and most important features you need to consider and why.

Different sizes and features will be best for specific functions that will differ from one iPad to another.

Different iPad Sizes and Dimensions

The different iPad screen sizes indicated on different stores such as iPad Pro 12.9 inches, refer to the size of the screen from one corner to the opposite corner diagonally.

Dimensions on the other hand refer to the Height, Width, and thickness of your iPad.Both screen size and dimensions are presented in inches by default but millimeters can also work.

How to measure your iPad screen size

To measure the screen size, take a tape measure place it from one corner to the other, and take the reading in inches. That is your screen size.

Similarly, place the tape measure along the width, length, and depth and take the reading. The depth determines how slim your iPad is while Length and width determine the overall size.

Sizes Of iPads?

iPad Mini Sizes

The iPad Mini is the smallest size version of the iPad available. It was originally released in 2012 at 7.9 inches in size only differing in thickness and slightly in thickness.

iPad Minis produced in 2012,13,14,15 and  19 all come with a 7.9-inch screen size. The 2021 model, that is the 6yh gen version is slightly bigger with an 8.3 inches screen size.

This compact tablet is perfect for people who need a small, easily portable tablet but still powerful in terms of performance.

What Are The Sizes Of iPads

Despite the slight size difference, both tablets will fit your backpack or bag perfectly. 

iPad Version and YearGenerationScreen Size
iPad mini 6 20216th8.3″
iPad mini 5 20195th7.9″
iPad mini 4 20154th7.9″
iPad mini 3 20143rd7.9″
iPad mini 2 20132nd7.9″
iPad mini 1 20121st7.9″

iPad Air Sizes

iPad Air comes with a slightly larger screen compared to the iPad Mini. The first one, that is the iPad Air 1 was released in 2013. The iPad Air 1 2013 and iPad Air 2 2014 both feature a 9.7-inch screen size. 

The iPad Air 3 released in 2019 features a significantly larger 10.5 inches screen size. It is the only iPad from the iPad Air series with this unique size. 

The next iPad Air 4 and 5 released in 2020 and 2022 respectively feature a 10.9-inch screen size. They are also the same in terms of dimensions and thickness at 9.74 × 7.03 × 0.24 inches.

iPad VersionGenScreen Size
iPad Air 5 – 20225th10.9″
iPad Air 4 – 20204th10.9″
iPad Air 3 – 20193rd10.5″
iPad Air 2 – 20142nd9.7″
iPad Air 1 – 20131st9.7″

iPad Pro Sizes

iPad Pro is the best overall iPad tablet. Below is a table showing various sizes available and years produced.

iPad VersionGenScreen Size
iPad Pro 11 – 20224th11″
iPad Pro 11 -20213rd11″
iPad Pro 11 – 20202nd11″
iPad Pro 11 – 20181st11″
iPad Pro 10.5 – 201710.5″
iPad Pro 9.7 – 20169.7″
iPad Pro 12.9 – 20226th12.9″
iPad Pro 12.9 – 20215th12.9″
iPad Pro 12.9 – 20204th12.9″
iPad Pro 12.9 – 20183rd12.9″
iPad Pro 12.9 – 20172nd12.9″
iPad Pro 12.9 – 20151st12.9″

iPad 10th Gen sizes

iPad VersionGenScreen Size
iPad 10.9 – 202210th10.9″
iPad 10.2 – 20219th10.2″
iPad 10.2 – 20208th10.2″
iPad 10.2 – 20197th10.2″
iPad 2018 – 20186th9.7″
iPad 2017 – 20175th9.7″
iPad 4 – 20124th9.7″
iPad 3 – 20123rd9.7″
iPad 2 – 20112nd9.7″
iPad 1 – 20101st9.7″
  1. What is the most popular iPad Size?

    The iPad Pro is the most popular iPad screen size at 12.9 inches in size. It is by far the most powerful iPad produced so far

  2. What is the size of the first iPad?

    Before the 7th generation iPad, the original size for iPads was 9.7 inches screen size. However, from 2019, the size has been gradually increasing. After the 8th and 9th gen came out with a 10.2-inch screen size, the iPad 10 had to be larger with a 10.9-inch screen. In the future, I believe the iPad screen can only get bigger.

  3. Which iPad Size Should I Choose?

    The best iPad to choose will depend on how you intend to use it. If you prefer a small and compact tablet that focuses on portability, then the iPad Mini is your best pick.