What is Good and Bad Graphic Design?

Graphic design is simply a way of passing a message using images, typography, and illustrations. There is no gray area between good and bad in graphic design. It’s either good or bad.

That is why today we help you understand what is good and bad graphic design and how to differentiate the two.

Let’s first take a look at what mistakes a graphic designer can make to make a design fall under the bad graphic design category.

What is Bad Graphic Design


One important factor in a design is the placement of the elements in the design. An example with a book title. The title should be centrally placed and in bold to capture the attention of the reader.

If a designer misaligns the title, the message is vaguely delivered, killing the reader’s interest in the process.

Color combination

Color combination is another important factor in design. Color is very subjective. It is explained as a perception that depends on human visuals to light and how it interacts with objects.

This means people have different reactions to color and the color combination can either make it easier to make a good design or vice versa. It can go either way.

Additionally, a design may have several aspects, like typography, background, image, and illustration. As a designer, you should be able to work out a color scheme that matches all this.

For example; green and red are not a good combination for readers and may lead to a negative reaction from the reader.

Bad Grammar

Nothing makes a design look bad as grammatical errors. The worst thing about it is that you realize there is something wrong even before you note the grammar error. Meaning it won’t sit well with you even if you don’t realize the problem.

Additionally, bad grammar may also stray the viewer from the message, unveiling a different message.

This may further cost the company a lot of money making changes, and if not noted earlier may lose their credibility with their clients.

Too many Fonts

A minimalist approach to a design gives an appealing effect to the design. When you flood your design with too many fonts, the viewer is distracted which makes your design complicated.

A design should be easily understandable and too many fonts may lose that touch making it unable to unveil the message effectively.

What is Good Graphic Design

Graphic design is a broad field that features logos, books, posters, magazines, cards, t-shirts, web adverts, caps, social media, television, etc. It is everywhere.

What then separates a good graphic design from the rest? Making it stand out and play the part thus reaching the focused target group with a message clear and design lovely.


Balance is brought about by several features of the design. It is quite a wide feature since it is attained in many different forms.

For example alignment, symmetry, asymmetry, radium balance and even color coordination do bring about balance.


Contrast is the irony in art. Well-orchestrated irony makes you want to listen more. Perhaps they are all under the physics theory, unlike poles attract.

There is always a great look to two dramatically different colors used together. The more the difference the higher the contrast. By this emphasis is achieved and a mood is created.

Take for example black and white. When you use a black color on a white background, the outcome is quite lovely. This way of design is used to symbolize human innocence and new life.


A design is an art and the viewer will be hooked to the design more when you have an appealing area focus.

There are different ways to achieve this and a spiral staircase is a great example of this, with the viewer’s eye spiraling toward the area of focus.

Where can I get the Best Graphic Design?

Now that you know the difference between good and bad graphic design, you can easily tell when a graphic designer is giving you quality or ripping you off.

You can spend time testing the many different designers but to cut the long path short, you can easily get the best graphic designers on Fiverr.

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