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Where is the Microphone on iPad

If you are wondering Where is the microphone on iPads, this is the article for you. Since its inception into the market, the number of iPad users has greatly increased thanks to its powerful features and great design.

However, most new users have a problem finding the microphone on their iPad. This article will help you find it in all iPad versions.

Where is the microphone on iPad Pro?

Microphone on iPad Pro (1 st to 6th generation)

The first generation of iPad Pro was released in 2015. The second and third followed in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The 3 versions feature a 4 microphone system with 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom.

These microphones are ideal for noise cancellation when recording and quality Audio recording.

The Microphone on iPad Pro (5th generation) and 6th generation of iPad Pro, produced in 2021 and 2022, come with similar microphones. That is a total of 4 mics with 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom. 

Microphone on iPad Pro (4th generation)

The iPad Pro (4th generation) released in 2020 is a little different. It comes with 5 microphones, 2 at the top and 3 at the bottom.

They improve the overall stereo quality and Audio recording quality thanks to easy noise canceling features

Where is the microphone on an iPad?

Below camera

Microphone on iPad (1st generation)

The iPad 1st generation was released in 2010. It has one microphone on the top corner near its Audio Jack. It is useful for basic recording together with the iPad’s camera.

As a single camera, its Audio quality is not the best compared to other new iPads.

Microphone on iPad 2 to 4th generation

In 2011, Apple released the iPad 2nd generation, and  iPad 3rd generation and (4th generation)  2012. These 3 iPad versions were slightly improved compared to iPad 1st generation iPad with 2 cameras each.

One camera is located on top near the audio Jack for audio recording while the other is at the bottom mostly for noise canceling. The overall sound recorded on these iPad generations is better than the 1st generation.

Where is the microphone on an iPad Air?

Microphone on iPad Air 1st generation to 5th generation

Similar to the iPad 2, the iPad Air from 1st generation to 5th Generation comes with 2 microphones each. One is located on top near the audio Jack and the other at the bottom predominantly for noise canceling.

On the  iPad Air 2019 third, fourth and fifth generation, the microphone is placed slightly differently with one near the power button and other at the bottom.

The first iPad Air was released in 2013, then 2014 for iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2019 third-generation, iPad Air (4th generation) in 2020 and iPad Air (5th generation) in 2022.

Microphone on iPad Mini (1st generation)

The first generation of iPad Mini was released in 2012. It features 2 microphones one on top next to the audio jack and the other at the bottom. 

The second camera is mostly used for noise canceling when recording videos. This set up with mic next to the audio jack has been repeated in 

iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Mini (5th generation) released in 2013, 2014,  2015 and 2019 respectively.

In the iPad Mini (6th generation) released in 2021, there are 2 microphones, the top one being next to the power button instead of the audio jack. You still have a bottom one for noise canceling purposes.

Do iPads have inbuilt Microphones?

Although you can include an external microphone, all iPads do come with an inbuilt microphone of their own. 

There are many uses of the inbuilt microphone including giving voice commands to your device or working with Siri Voice command application.

Apple iPads come with either single, dual or even 4 microphones depending on the model you choose. More microphones will produce clearer sound compared to single or dual microphone systems.

How to iPads to external Microphones

If you are using your iPad to record content for your studio or YouTube Channel, you might need to connect it to a professional level microphone.

Here is how. In newer models, you can easily connect the 2 by using a USB Connector. Older models will work with a dock connector or simply a headphone Jack.


Different versions of iPad have different numbers of microphones installed. Some have 1,2 and others 4. Due to noise canceling, more microphones produce better sound than fewer ones. The positions on different iPads also differ.

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  1. How to turn on/off an iPad’s microphone?

    Go to Settings> Privacy>Microphone. A list of apps pops up. On the far end toggle on or off to allow an application to use or not use the iPad microphone.
    To turn off, go to settings>privacy>microphone toggle off from the list.