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Why is my tablet so slow and laggy?

Why is my tablet so slow and laggy? Even if you have invested in buying the best tablets available in the market today, it is still possible to encounter this problem.

Tablet hanging and lagging can be very annoying especially if you are a professional and have a short deadline project.

In this article, we will highlight some of the reasons and suggest solutions that can solve this problem for you.

It does not matter the brand of drawing tablet you use, this guide is well-researched and will work for different tablet brands such as Wacom, Huion, GAOMON, and many more.

Why is my tablet so slow?

  1. Background Applications
  2. Software overpowering your tablet
  3. Driver Update
  4. Unstable Bluetooth
  5. Low storage space
  6. Pen Problems
  7. Troubleshoot apps

Background Applications

Your tablet may run too many programs in the background. This is usually common if you are using a standalone tablet. Graphic tablets and Pen tablets will use your computer system so they depend on your computer’s speed.

For Android tablets and most other tablets, you can go to your applications settings and turn them off. It is also helpful not to open too many applications at the same time.

Software overpowering your tablet

Sometimes you may be using more powerful software than the tablet can handle. It is important to be careful when choosing the best tablet for your work and considering the software specifications.

For example, too low RAM memory may result in Photoshop lags. Another reason may be that the software you are using is out of date and needs an update.

Driver Update

Just like out-of-date software, out-of-date drivers will result in lags and slow tablets. Luckily, updating and installing drivers is not complicated.

Check out our How to install Huion Drivers and How to install GAOMON drawing tablet drivers.

Unstable Bluetooth

Most tablets use Bluetooth to connect to your tablet. If you are having an unstable Bluetooth connection, your drawing experience may not be the best.

Try to reduce the number of Bluetooth devices connected at the same time. Additionally, make sure your Bluetooth version is compatible with your tablet.

Wireless connectivity is flexible and comfortable but a wired connection is a more sure connection. Try to connect the pen with a USB cable to diagnose the cause of the problems.

Pen Problems

Sometimes your tablet may not be the cause of the problem. Certain pen issues such as low charge may be a culprit. 

Make sure your pen is well-charged to avoid problems. If it is well charged, try to replace the nib on your pen and check for the difference.

In the case of a fully Bluetooth pen like the Apple Pencil or the Microsoft Surface Pen, you can also try uninstalling and installing your pen again.

Make sure your pen’s drivers are up to date plus the sensitivity settings are set properly.

Low storage space

Just like your laptop, if you put too much information in your tablet’s hard drive, it will continually slow down. Try reducing the number of programs installed by removing the ones you can do without.

Troubleshoot apps

 If a particular app is causing your tablet to slow down, you can troubleshoot the app to find out what’s causing the problem. 

You can try force-stopping the app, clearing its cache, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if it helps.